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40 years ago: Local service stations not rationing gas yet

April 7, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 7, 1973:

  • Although some major oil companies were reportedly rationing gasoline to big-city dealers, owners of local service stations were not yet feeling the effects. Paul Grace, of Paul Grace Standard Service, 846 Vermont, said that he was not certain whether gas rationing would hit Lawrence stations but added that he had "no problem yet." Jim Warren, owner of Downtown Mobile Service, Ninth and Kentucky, reported today that his distributor had informed him that rationing might start at any time. "Right now it is business as usual," Warren said, adding that the declining gas supply might increase the demand for smaller cars. Other gas station owners echoing the "business as usual" line were Ivan Percival, manager of the Nineteenth Street 66 Service, 1843 Massachusetts; Leon Sawyer of Sawyer's Texaco, 23rd and Barker' Richard Craig of Craig's Fina Service, 1819 W. 23rd; J. E. Young of Red's Conoco Service, 900 New Hampshire; and Gene Frear of the Skelly Goodyear Service Center, 827 Vermont. Frear added that he believed the rationing was caused not by an actual shortage, but by shutdowns of small distributorships. "It just takes longer to get the stuff transported.... we will still have products," he said.
  • Hundreds of local residents started their day with flapjacks this morning, according to the cooks at the American Legion Pancake Day. The Kansas University track team, on their way to a Wichita meet, were among the early arrivals at 6:15 this morning, and by noon, it was reported that more than 1,200 hungry patrons had lined up for a hot breakfast. The Legion post hoped to earn at least $1,400 for its summer youth baseball program.


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