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Vehicle rolls over near 10th and Mississippi streets

April 6, 2013


Lawrence police investigate a vehicle rollover near the intersection of 10th and Mississippi Streets

Lawrence police investigate a vehicle rollover near the intersection of 10th and Mississippi Streets

A vehicle rollover Saturday evening near the intersection of 10th and Mississippi streets has left a woman with non-critical injuries.

Emergency crews responded around 10:15 p.m. to extricate the woman from a gray Toyota SUV.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman said it appeared that the vehicle was traveling north on Mississippi Street when it clipped a parked vehicle and rolled over. He said the driver was responsive and in stable condition.


gccs14r 3 years ago

"Emergency crews responded around 10:15 p.m. to extricate the woman from a gray Toyota suburban."

I think that's a RAV4. A "Suburban" is a large vehicle sold by General Motors as a Chevrolet.

Pete_Schweti 3 years ago

"Hey, look at me! I'm all pedantic and smart and stuff. I'm going to show the world by publicly nitpicking others' work! Constantly."

kayandcal 3 years ago

Actually, the type of vehicle is important. I don't want to drive a car that rolls over when it "clips" a parked car. Your comment? not so helpful. How was it not publicly nitpicking?

Wayne James 3 years ago

That's why I won't buy an import veh no matter the brand or the hype put out by Madison ave. I will stay with the well built AMERICAN MADE it Ford, Chev (GM), or Chrysler. I don't care if the car/truck has an american name and made initially by a foreign motor company (ie: Toyota, Honda, Hyundai etc), I won't touch it. Personally I prefer the GM lines. However FORD (FIX OR REPAIR DAILY)

Bob Forer 3 years ago

Americans make good cars. But the Japanese do as well. Its not a matter of construction but design. All of those high center of gravity vehicles (jeeps, SUVs), both American and foreign, are more prone to rollover.

elliottaw 3 years ago

actually Toyota is more likely to be made in the US, unless you just like to buy from American based companies

Dixie Jones 3 years ago

Oh heavens yes ! Because by this being a RAV makes the story entirely different, Whew now it all makes perfect sense. Do you not realize that the LJW only reports what they receive from the PD..

LogicMan 3 years ago

"Toyota suburban"

Well, it is a symptom of how far journalism has fallen. Who, what, when, where, and why need to be reported accurately.

Silly_me 3 years ago

Well, that explains that..I was doing some computer upgrade work for a business near 9th and Mississippi and I heard all the commotion. Glad to hear the driver will be OK.

hujiko 3 years ago

"when it clipped a parked vehicle and rolled over"

This isn't surprising. Motorists routinely park too far from the curb in this particular area, which causes northbound traffic to have to cross the centerline on a regular basis. Perhaps the city should begin ticketing those who do not adequately clear the roadway when standing.

Glad to hear this instance wasn't very serious.

Wayne James 3 years ago

This driver was, I'll bet, going too fast & not paying close attention to what she was doing. She could have been tired and/or drowsy too. How many times I have traveled Mississippi & gad no problems. That all said, I do hope she will find her way home soon with only scratches & a totaled car to remind her of this incident.

Thinking_Out_Loud 3 years ago

What is the point of speculating about the driver's condition or how she was driving or anything else? Let the police have their investigation...once we know their conclusions, we won't need to speculate.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

Not necessarily incompetent. Inattentive, probably. But a isolated bout of inattentiveness does not make one incompetent. It's otherwise known as being an imperfect human being.

bad_dog 3 years ago

If only there had been a pedestrian nearby that buck could have saved with a good rant...

buffalo63 3 years ago

hujiko must be from back eat. I didn't know that cars can stand until I watched "Parking Wars" and learned the "No Standing" signs actually means "No Parking". However, he/she has a point about how some people "stand" their cars along some streets!

Wayne James 3 years ago

NO STANDING means simply that....NO stopping (your car) and waiting at the curb or corner while you or someone else enters a business even "for a minute". Stop, let your passenger out to "run into" the store, or if YOU need to run in, PARK your car in a legally designated area and go take care of your business.
NO PARKING, means just that! No Parking! Do not stop here and leave your car unattended. TOW AWAY ZONE means that if you park your car here, the proper authority will ticket you your car and tow it away at YOUR expense.
IF all else fails, go read the Kansas Drivers Handbook ( the one they gave you when you applied for your driver's license.

Wayne James 3 years ago

If you don't UNDERSTAND, Stand UP!

justcause 3 years ago

At this particular accident, my car was parked less than 6" from the curb. I know because we talked about it when we parked yesterday afternoon. Poorly parked cars were not the cause of this wreck but I am anxious to find out what was. And I am very glad the young woman is going to be okay.

budwhysir 3 years ago

I for one am glad that the new style of journalism coming out for the future will require all small details to be in line before an article is printed.... Can you imagine the problems if I had driven by the accident on purpose and found out the car description was wrong???? All that time wasted waiting in traffic only to find the make and model of car was wrong.

In the future articles will not be printed until all information has been reviewed. for car accidents this will include but is not limited to the make and model of the car, the drivers name age sex, as well as any pets names the person might own. Any mailmen, dog walkers, and or people walking within a five mile radius we should list these people in order by name age and what type of job they have. How many police responded, if the car involved was two toned, pin stripped, or any rust.

gccs14r 3 years ago

Once upon a time, a journalist would have interviewed people, taken accurate notes, and written a story. The story would then have been submitted to an editor for approval. Once approved, then research would have checked facts, style would have checked consistency, and proofreading would have checked for spelling and grammatical errors before final editorial approval to send it to typesetting. These days, the speed of publication is paramount. Errors may be fixed later.

Thinking_Out_Loud 3 years ago

Once upon a time, gccs14r, a news outlet would have had a larger staff than they have today. A journalist would have had a much more defined beat than one has today. Additionally, the news was then on a 24-hour cycle.

However, nowadays, we want what we want when we want it. If a news outlet does not report on a happening in our neighborhood, we are quick to judge and scold that the outlet is not keeping us informed. If the news outlet releases the details they have on a developing story, we are quick to judge and scold there, too: the spelling or grammar are imperfect, the model of the vehicle does not match the make or was not manufactured until the year after the vehicle was made, or we want to know what witnesses had to say.

We don't get both--we can't have a paper that we don't have to pay much for, but who pays enough staff to track down all the salient details. We can't get all the details instantly. If we are going to live in an instant access world--and by all indications, we will never be able to go back to a 24-hour, or even a 1-hour, news-cycle again--we have to accept that the details of a story will be murky and incomplete at first, and will crystallize only with time.

Liberty275 3 years ago

Besides Chevrolet (and Toyota for a day or so), one other American car company had a model named "Suburban". Who knows what that make is?

webmocker 3 years ago

waywardsoul 1 day, 3 hours ago

"That's why I won't buy an import veh no matter the brand or the hype put out by Madison ave. I will stay with the well built AMERICAN MADE it Ford, Chev (GM), or Chrysler...."

Search rollover, Ford, tires

Also, FACTS can be TROUBLESOME to one's BIASES.

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