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Lawmakers OK repeal of AIDS quarantines ban

April 6, 2013


— Kansas legislators have approved a bill to protect medical and emergency workers that also repeals a 25-year-old ban on quarantining AIDS and HIV patients.

The bill is headed to Gov. Sam Brownback after both chambers approved it Friday night. The votes were 36-2 in the Senate and 120-0 in the House.

The bill directs the state health department to draft rules making it easier for medical and emergency workers to learn if they’ve been exposed to infectious diseases.

The provision repealing the 1988 law protecting AIDS and HIV patients faced strong criticism from gay rights advocates and civil libertarians.

The health department promised legislators its new rules would continue a ban. Agency officials said even without a ban, it would never be medically necessary to quarantine AIDS or HIV patients.


Norma Jeane Baker 1 year ago

According to my information, easily obtained on the internet, the KS Senate has 40 members. Currently, the composition is 32 Republicans and 8 Democrats. The KS House has 125 members. The current composition is 92 Republicans and 33 Democrats. (One source said the KS House has 120 members.)

Looking at the vote results, 36-2 in the Senate and 120 - 0 in the House, it appears that Democrats are on board with this legislation, too.



buckjennings 1 year ago

It's no real surprise that the Republicans running this state don't have a grasp of the basics of science. Most probably think the earth is less than 10,000 years old.


JayhawkFan1985 1 year ago

The GOP is not affiliated with the Christian church in any way. Christians have compassion for the sick and offer forgiveness for the sinful. These people are hypocrites on par with the Old Testament. Like Issac, we have to place our faith not only in god, but also in the hands of a this case, Sam Brownback. Lets hope and pray he vetoes this sinful legislation.


hujiko 1 year ago

This just in, the Kansas Legislature has approved the purchase of several hundred antique cattle cars made in Germany during the 1940s.


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