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Trailers catch fire in North Lawrence

A fire burns Saturday evening in an empty trailer behind Slow Ride Roadhouse, 350 N. Third St. in North Lawrence

A fire burns Saturday evening in an empty trailer behind Slow Ride Roadhouse, 350 N. Third St. in North Lawrence

April 6, 2013


Fire crews and police responded to a structure fire in North Lawrence around 6 p.m. Saturday in a lot behind Slow Ride Roadhouse, 350 N. Third St.

Crews arrived to find thick, black smoke and 15-foot flames shooting from an empty trailer home. The fire quickly spread to at least two nearby empty trailers before it was eventually contained by crews around 7 p.m. The fire destroyed at least three trailer homes. The trailers appeared to be parked close together in order to be stored in the lot.

Crews are still working to put out hot spots and no information on how the fire started or whether anyone was injured is available at this time.


George_Braziller 5 years ago

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George_Braziller 5 years ago

An empty trailer house, in a lot, not connected to any utilities catches fire. Unlikely on its own. Suddenly three empty trailers are on fire at the same time. You do the math.

Wayne James 5 years ago

HEAT! If, as it was reported, they were parked too close together, then the Heat and flames will spread to any nearby structure...whether it be another M/H or an old motor car.
The next time you go to a bonfire party for/with KU students, YOU stand within 20 feet of the fire, and see what happens to your clothes.

elliottaw 5 years ago

Those trailers can catch fire with a dirty look

gccs14r 5 years ago

Any of them owned by Doug Compton?

kernal 5 years ago

Why were they stored there, who owns them and is that property zoned for storage of the trailors.

Brandon Deines 5 years ago

Definitely not a meth fire. No chance of that.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

was a fire just around the corner a couple months ago, burned a shed, somebody's boat, etc.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Gotta love the Paul Davis Restoration trailer in the photo... Johnny on the spot!

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

other fire was january 24. less than a block away, north 4th address.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

"paul davis" you mean that evil one percenter who represents part of lawrence in the kansas legislature?

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

whatsa matter Superswag, hit too accurate? don't like he left's/occupy's evil language of envy applied to your own corrupt leaders that want to raise taxes and hamper our economy?

speaking actuarially, I'm likely more educated than you and yes I do support the Tea Party.
slurring your fellow americans who peacefully seek redress from their government make you feel better when compared to your Occupy racked up thousands of crimes and disruptive acts? it is the left that gets violent far more often in america and then goes crazy.

kernal 5 years ago

No, gnome, Rep. Davis is not the same Paul Davis who owns the restoration business and he's not a one percenter.

pace 5 years ago

Haha got to be a tea to know it and just stand in their emperor's clothes. Don't let facts or ignorance confuse you guys. Making up lies.

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