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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

April 5, 2013


Undercover — and underage — agents working for state regulators cited 17 Lawrence businesses for selling alcohol to minors Wednesday night.

Among those businesses were grocery stores, gasoline stations and restaurants holding licenses to sell only 3.2 beer. Those are regulated by the city and less often investigated, said Jen Jordan, director of prevention for DCCCA and a member of Draw the Line Lawrence, a community group working against underage drinking.

Underage informants working for the state Alcoholic Beverage Control agency attempted to buy alcohol from 70 businesses as part of a grant-funded effort led by Draw the Line Lawrence. The rules required them to use their own ID cards and to refrain from any deception. They succeeded 17 times, which Jordan said was vexing because there are so many mechanisms in place to prevent mistakes.

Driver's licenses issued to minors, for instance, are printed vertically to alert clerks the customer is underage. And Wednesday, nine employees sold to minors even after checking IDs. Three times, store clerks chose to override cash register systems by entering in false information indicating the customer was over 21.

Four liquor stores were issued citations ranging from $500 to $100, depending on whether they had offended before. The clerks who sold to minors received $200 citations and must appear in court.

Thirteen employees of businesses selling 3.2 beer were issued $200 citations. There is no city ordinance allowing those businesses to also be cited.

Jordan said Draw the Line Lawrence is planning another undercover enforcement effort this summer.

These businesses were cited Wednesday:

• Dillons grocery store, 1740 Massachusetts St.

• Dillons grocery store, 3000 W. Sixth St.

• Kwik Shop convenience store, 1611 E. 23rd St.

• Presto convenience store, 2330 Iowa St.

• Sandwich Bowl restaurant, 3514 Clinton Pkwy.

• Pyramid Pizza, 1029 Massachusetts St.

• Burgers by Biggs, 4801 Bauer Farm Drive.

• Charlie's East Side Bar and Grill, 900 Pennsylvania St.

• Hy-Vee grocery store, 4000 W. Sixth St.

• Pick and Pay convenience store, 2447 W. Sixth St.

• Phillips 66 convenience story, 1801 W. Second St.

• Walgreens, 3421 W. Sixth St.

• Zarco 66 convenience store, 1415 W. Sixth St.

• University Liquor, 3300 Bob Billings Parkway.

• Jensen Liquor, 620 W. Ninth St.

• Barley's Liquor, 1805 W. Second St.

• City Wine Market, 4821 W. Sixth St.


wtfusa 5 years ago

Waste of police resources. No one cares. Minors will always still get the booze. Get off your moral high horse. It is insanity that fine establishments that help our community are being fined for providing a refreshment in a controlled environment to those who are undoubtedly old enough.

Ian_Cummings 5 years ago

Lawrence police were not involved in Wednesday night's enforcement. Only state ABC agents. Also, most of these cases did not involve selling alcohol in a controlled environment, but rather selling packages of beverages, e.g. the grocery stores, gas stations, and liquor stores. Ian Cummings, Lawrence Journal-World.

Hoots 5 years ago

They can"t buy beer but schools and parents have half of them on some kind of ADHD med which is a form of speed. Of which an estimated 30% of those meds are traded around to other kids like candy. We live in such a dumb society.

Robert Greenwood 5 years ago

"No one cares."

Not exactly, but too many do not care. That IS major problem in the legislature, THEY DON'T CARE about the people of Kansas. The focus has been on corporations and profits.

Simple. Alcohol should not be sold to minors. Not only is that the law, but it is the right thing to do. Underage drinking and especially heavy drinking is not good.

You think it is ok to sell to minors because they will get it anyway. At what age do you and the "fine establishments" draw the line? 17, 16, 14. i see no "moral high horse" here only trying to look out for our minors. Our minors are better off sober than drunk. H, our legislators are better off sober than drunk. We all would be better off.

speedy47 5 years ago

Sure wish our legislators would hurry up and get sober.

ComeOnMannnnnnn 5 years ago

how much money is spent on something that's only an issue in the US. Wasteful.

ksjayhawk74 5 years ago

The underage informants were breaking the law each time they attempted to buy alcohol.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

Did you actually read the article before you posted?

Underage informants working for the state Alcoholic Beverage Control agency attempted to buy alcohol from 70 businesses as part of a grant-funded effort led by Draw the Line Lawrence. The rules required them to use their own ID cards and to refrain from any deception. They succeeded 17 times, which Jordan said was vexing because there are so many mechanisms in place to prevent mistakes.

del888 5 years ago

this might be the dumbest post yet - at least as far as this story goes.

volunteer 5 years ago

Now, I could be wrong, and if so I know folks will correct me, but I counted 17 "general" stores and only four "liquor stores." I say don't let the Dillons type stores sell hard liquor when they have enough trouble following the rules on weak beer.

William McCauley 5 years ago

Old enough to be drafted and to vote, they should be able to go to 3.2 bars like back in the day before the "special interest" groups and old biddies forced the laws to change, other wise do away with 3.2 beer and let all stores sell like in normal states.

Liberty275 5 years ago

If a person is old enough to step on an IED while serving their country, they are old enough to drink alcohol.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

Maybe we should consider raising the age that one can enlist in the armed forces to 21.

JayCat_67 5 years ago

Of course, some of the biggest incentives to join the military are the education benefits. Not as attractive if you have to wait two to three years after high school to get them.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

Just thinking that maybe 18 is too young to decide to put yourself in harm's way, even if the payoff is a college education afterwards.

JayCat_67 5 years ago

Either way, old enough to make a decision like that but not old enough to make a decision to consume alcohol or not just doesn't seem to make much sense.

kernal 5 years ago

Wondering if all the clerks who sold the 3.2 beer to the informants were old enought to sell beer.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

ABC is inbred and outdated. Needs to be defunded and re-established as a viable and valuable state agency. As it stands, it's an out-of-date pile of crap and a waste of taxpayer money. Way past time to junk it and start over.

Bladerunner 5 years ago

And your comments are based on what Riverdrifter?

buffalo63 5 years ago

"Clerks who sold to minors received $200 citations" there goes a couple of paychecks! Maybe think a little more next time when you check ID.

pace 5 years ago

What a bunch of losers, claiming it is out dated to stop the sell of booze to minors. We need to crack down on businesses that make dough because of greed or too stupid to check a piece of plastic. I think the good old boys , fondly remembering their drunken youth needed parents and community that held them accountable rather than offer weak excuses for dangerous and largely preventable behavior.

skull 5 years ago

A twenty year old is a minor? Maybe our kids never mature anymore because we never treat them like adults. They drink anyway, as did we. Fitting that, in Kansas, one can legally carry a concealed weapon the same day they can buy their own beer.

When you outlaw booze, only criminals will have booze...still sounds stupid.

BigAl 5 years ago

My story is very similar to yours. Any military person be it Navy, Marine, Army or Air Force should be able to buy a cold beer at the tavern of his or her choice anywhere in this country no matter what his or her age is.

Dan Blomgren 5 years ago

What are Jensen's, River City Wine, University Liquor, and Myers North doing selling 3.2 beer? They are full strength stores obviously selling hard liquor as well. Seems awfully deceptive that these full strength stores are selling 3.2 beer. I'll never buy beer at any of these stores again! I wonder is all the beer they sell 3.2? They must have a full strength license to sell wine and hard liquor so why even mess with 3.2 beer? Why not just sell the full strength beer? Rather strange to me.

thewayitis 5 years ago

Who would even buy 3.2 beer when you have to be 21 anyway...Nearly every one of these grocery/convenience stores has a liquor store within 1/2 block.

middlemgmt 5 years ago

The good news is 53 stores and restaurants passed the "sting". Good job taking care of our underage kids!

skull 5 years ago

Good news...17 stores are open where kids can buy their own booze instead of stealing from their parents.

Romans832 5 years ago

While some stores post a sign, "We sold a winning lottery ticket," perhaps there should be a sign these 17 could post, "We got caught selling alcohol to an underage customer."

Patriot2 5 years ago

Just think of all the illegal sales that have taken place at these establishments where the customer was not undercover?

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