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Gun bills easily approved

April 5, 2013


— Kansas legislators have sent Gov. Sam Brownback bills that would let people carry concealed firearms into more public buildings and prevent federal agents from confiscating weapons made in the state.

The bills received large majorities Friday as legislators adjourned to begin a monthlong break.

One measure would allow concealed weapons to be carried into public buildings that lack adequate security measures defined by the bill. It also would allow schools and colleges to arm employees.

The other bill declares that the federal government has no power to regulate guns, ammunition and accessories that are made, sold and kept exclusively in Kansas. The bill would make it a felony for a federal agent to enforce restrictions on such items.

Supporters say the bill is constitutional because the items wouldn’t leave Kansas.


Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

"MEANINGLESS" ... It's what's for legislator!

skull 4 years ago

More guns everywhere! That'll keep us safe from all these...guns everywhere.

Wait...what are we so afraid of again?

skull 4 years ago

So carrying a pistol to my kids school or the statehouse is going to protect you from the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED federal government? Why do you hate America?

Gina Becker 4 years ago

It could help protect your kids from would-be mass murderers.

In Nigeria, people aren't allowed to have guns, and their government police state promises to protect them. That's why gangs can regularly invade towns, enslave some of the children, and kill everyone else with big knives.

anotherview 4 years ago

Since federal agents can't operate in Kansas, it looks like terrorists will get a free pass. Kansas will now be the capital of the US for terrorists.

Mark English 4 years ago

I beg to differ... I'm concealed with around 55,000 other Kansans. I am a combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan war with the USMC. I was also a marksmanship instructor in the USMC. It is people like me that will continue to fight for ignorant people like yourself. Stay inside and write your comments on LJWorld while we take care of your so called terrorist capital.

anotherview 4 years ago

I don't need you to fight for me. Nor did I ask for Timothy McVeigh or Terry Nichols to fight for me.

BigAl 4 years ago

I also don't need you to fight for me. I am a Vietnam vet and I highly suggest you do NOT carry your concealed weapon in to my home. If you do, I will assume you are there to harm me or my family and things will not go well for you. And no, my home is not posted but I am a gun owner and like you, I know how to use it.

elliottaw 4 years ago

please don't fight for me i am also a vet and can brave this country sans gun

Liberty275 4 years ago

State's rights are the new wedge issue. It's happening in Colorado with dope, in Arizona with illegal immigration and i several states regarding guns.

Less federal rule is better.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

"More intelligent, centralized organization" would be good but "centralized organization" has not always led to "better" anything beyond organization (for better or for worse). Intelligence and centralized organization will always divorce as their marriage fails and the blissful cheating of trusted organization begins. THIS IS WAR!

Get yo' damnable mechanical resonance imagery out o' my head! :)

JayhawkFan1985 4 years ago

Didn't the civil war resolve this bs around states rights?

Gina Becker 4 years ago

No, the Civil War did not abolish the 10th Amendment.

anotherview 4 years ago

You might want to think again about how free you are with Gov. Brownback and the current legislature. They just signed off on taking over the KTA. They are still working on allowing out-of-state corporate farms. Say goodbye to family farms in Kansas

rcr 4 years ago

I'm wondering how many guns are made in the state of Kansas. Are there any gun manufacturer's here in the state. If not, could it be that this bill will bring some in, maybe bringing along with some jobs?

kernal 4 years ago

rcr, if you're thinking this will bring in jobs that will have any kind of impact, think again. At the most, it might bring in 100 jobs which is pretty meaningless in the bigger scope of things. It's not like we're going to become the state that manufacturers the arsenal for the U.S. military, especially if the Feds are banned under this proposed law.

Lenette Hamm 4 years ago

Yeah, I want someone other than law enforcement walking into the school where my Grandchildren are... or the hospital that my grandma is in, or the nursing home that Aunt Tillie lives. Geez...

Gina Becker 4 years ago

You want a police state, then? Where only police have guns?

redneck 4 years ago

Why are people afraid of law abiding citizens, who have had extensive training, carrying guns? I have not heard of one incident where anybody with a concealed carry permit murdered a bunch of innocent people. Not one. Please let me know if you have heard such an incident. The guy in Newtown murdered his own mother to get the guns he used. His mother should have secured her guns better, but she paid the ultimate price for her mistakes. It is ALREADY illegal to murder somebody and steal their property. Most laws cannot prevent things from happening, they just punish the perpetrators once they have happened. Guns are necessary when seconds count and police are minutes away. In other words, the police cannot really protect you, the just lock up the perpetrators once they have done the dirty deed.

BlackVelvet 4 years ago

(most of) the folks who post here don't want to be bothered with facts or common sense. Too many of them just believe they must bad-mouth and ridicule anything that differs from THEIR viewpoint. It's that simple.

mom_of_three 4 years ago

because the training you receive in part for your permit isn't extensive. Extensive would be a police officer, military personel or federal officer. They have to re-certify and are trained for emergency incidents. CC Permits are not trained for that, but from their comments, some of them think they can subdue anyone. And its kind of scary to think about.

ksjayhawk74 4 years ago

George Zimmerman had a CCP when he killed an innocent, unarmed child who was walking home one night.

But as for mass killings, there been 23 mass shootings committed by CC killers, that's just since May 2007.

Liberty275 4 years ago

If a person is going to kill people, he isn't really worried about all the laws in the world. Write a million new laws, they will break a million new laws and the same people will die. The only people new laws will affect are law abiding citizens that don't go around shooting people.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

Laws are guidelines. All break them, under certain circumstances, if they think they can get away with it. They don't "work". They ARE supposed to work towards creating a more perfect union but our laws are a bit out of control. That is to say, our lawmakers are attempting to TAKE control, by creating a more strict and constricting environment. Everyone is becoming a criminal! We are on a road to legalized slavery.

Have you not noticed that corporations are people, now? Try to take the controlling votes away from those motherless drones. I dare and encourage you.

Gina Becker 4 years ago

Not unless we have a true police state, with policemen on every block of every neighborhood. I think this is an ideal some Democrats truly have. Civilian National Security Force, remember?

redneck 4 years ago

The police are not flawless with their handguns. I believe I read an article in the LJ World a few years ago about a retired Lawrence PD detective who's concealed weapon was accidently discharged in a store here in Lawrence. I have never heard of someone with a concealed carry permit having the same incident.

redneck 4 years ago

As Joe Friday from the TV series Dragnet put it "Just the facts".

kernal 4 years ago

Then you must be limiting your news sources. How about the incident in a KC area restaurant a couple of months ago when a customer's concealed carry weapon accidentally went off; the bullet hit his wife.

How about the incident at the University of Colorado when a staff member's weapon accidentally discharged in the employee's office and injured two other employees.

How about the accidental discharge of a weapon at a Dallas WalMart last summer.

Then there's the training class at a high school where the instructor accidentally discharged his weapon in the classroom. Instructor was a DEA agent no less.

These are just a few of the incidents in the news the past year. Althought some of us may think of them as accidental discharges, the law generally considers them negligent discharges.

Mark English 4 years ago

You must not be reading your own writing as the key word in these cases are "accidental." I agree these are also concidered negligent and these people have been dealt with accordingly and will not be allowed to carry concealed again. These people are also however not the people that go to movie theaters or grade schools and open fire on 100's of innocent people. Again. Fact check!

appleaday 4 years ago

You must have missed Redneck's statement. "The police are not flawless with their handguns. I believe I read an article in the LJ World a few years ago about a retired Lawrence PD detective who's concealed weapon was accidently discharged in a store here in Lawrence. I have never heard of someone with a concealed carry permit having the same incident"

kernal 4 years ago

Fact check what, bigmark? These incidents were in real newspapers in and in Forbes, not some kneejerk website or the National Enquirer.

James Minor 4 years ago

"Accidental" -- hum!!! What do you think the CC person going to say when someone like bigmarkus1802 also tries to use his weapon and gets killed?? I intended to shoot him!! More than likely he will have some lame excuse about his second amendment rights and his lack of extensive training on how he was not properly trained to assess the situation. America and Kansas pay millions of dollars each month for law enforcement and they need to be the ones handling these situations, not the local over zealot who wants to shoot someone to justify the purchase of his gun.

skull 4 years ago

Accidental deaths don't it.

ksjayhawk74 4 years ago

Just because you can't recall a story about some with a CC permit accidentally discharging their can, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Here's a story from January, in Lenexa, where a CC permit holder accidentally shot is wife in a restaurant...

Brandon Deines 4 years ago

Spouse: "This gun bill is unconstitutional right?" Me: "Yes, but you didn't go to law school. How do you know that?" Spouse: "Because I went to grade school."

Scott Tichenor 4 years ago

Guns and abortion. Abortion and guns. Our Kansas guvurnmunt hard at work for ya'all!

Reduce education funding, give money to Koch brothers. Give more money to Koch brothers, take away programs that help elderly. Our Kansas guvurnmunt hard at work for ya'all!

Man, I just love this state.

And let's get this damn for profit health center issue taken care of and shut down the damned YMCA and YWCA that are pillaging money from our small biznuss owners! Don't ya just LOVE a Republican controlled state government.

Someone shut out the lights when the everyone's moved out of Kansas.

Gina Becker 4 years ago

Blame it on dem Koke brothers. Just say Koke brothers. . Say they take moneys, instead of give it. Never mind what's true, jest say it anyways. If we all say Koke brothers a hunerd times a day, the govmint will start takin even more money from them Koke brothers and givin it to us. Free stuff we'll be getting from them rich people who do nothing but organize production and sell things that some fools are willing to spend thur hard earned money on. Koke brothers, they suck.

thatguyoverthere 4 years ago

New York City August 24th 2012, Police shoot 8 innocent bystanders while trying to take down 1 guy with a gun.

Jim Russo 4 years ago

Regarding the law limiting the federal government's ability to regulate "guns, ammunition, and accessories that are made . . . in Kansas," does anybody know if any guns or ammo are currently being made in Kansas?

Also, using the same legal logic, why doesn't the legislature pass a law outlawing federal oversight of other items that could be manufactured in Kansas: prescription medications, hard liquor, high explosives?

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