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100 years ago: Kansas City doctor loses arm to X-ray machine use

April 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 5, 1913:

  • "Some of the older graduates of the University will remember J. N. Scott, who for years has been one of the well known physicians of Kansas City, and will regret the suffering he has undergone for the sake of science. Dr. Scott was the first physician in Kansas City to install an X Ray machine. At that time the fact that continued use of its rays were injurious was not known and Dr. Scott used his own hands freely in testing the machine. Holding the machine in his left hand he would focus the rays upon his right hand and this was done hundreds of times. Finally it was found that the rays had injured the tissues of his hand and arm and although he sought the best physicians in America and Europe nothing could be done and recently the arm was amputated. Dr. Scott recently left the hospital and has now gone to the home of his mother in Western Kansas. He is now feeling better, but the effects of the rays are to be seen on his left hand and further trouble may be expected later."
  • "Next Wednesday and Thursday will be Dental Days in Lawrence. On those days the Dentists of the First Kansas District will hold their annual meeting in Lawrence. During these two days the science of dentistry will be given a thorough airing, such an airing as Lawrence has never heard before. In the past the dental bills have been the chief point of concern on the part of the ordinary citizens in regard to dentistry, but now Lawrence is to hear of the finer side of the profession. Many papers have been prepared to be read at this meeting but in addition to that a big banquet is being planned for the visitors, for dentists must eat."
  • "At the last meeting of the K.U. Board of Regents yesterday afternoon it was decided to go on with the repairing of the foundation of Snow Hall, which is badly cracked and is settling."
  • "It was a jubilant committee that met yesterday at Judge Means' office to discuss the commission form of government campaign. The reports were all of the most glowing kind and the committee felt that it had as nearly a sure thing as it was possible to get. 'You can put it down at two to one,' declared Judge Hugh Means.... Several meetings will be held but most reliance will be placed upon reading. Literature will be circulated to all the voters."
  • "The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ledabore, 1346 Delaware street, was quite painfully injured yesterday afternoon by falling upon a toy inflicting a severe cut."


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