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Police officer injured while arresting burglary suspect at T-Mobile store

April 3, 2013


A police officer was injured Tuesday night while arresting a suspect in a break-in at the T-Mobile store, 1700 W. 23rd Street.

The officer had responded to a burglary alarm at the store just before midnight Tuesday, and saw a person exit a broken window and run east, throwing several cell phones aside as he fled, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman.

As the man tried to jump a fence and escape, the officer pulled him down and a struggle ensued. The suspect kicked the officer in the knee and continued to resist, McKinley said, when pepper spray and a Taser failed to stop him.

Isaac Tirrell Clark, 36, of Topeka, was arrested after two more officers arrived at the scene.

On Wednesday, Clark remained in Douglas County Jail. Douglas County prosecutors have charged him with burglary, theft, criminal damage, obstruction, battery of a law enforcement officer, and possession of a controlled substance. Pro Tem Judge James George set Clark's bond at $7,500, and he is scheduled to appear in court again April 9.

The injured police officer was treated for a knee injury at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and released. McKinley said he will require follow-up treatment, and is the third officer in a week to be injured by a suspect while making an arrest.


dlkrm 1 year ago

Three injured officers this week and the police are still using pepper spray and tasers? Not if I were police chief. They need to be able to actually protect themselves and the community, not play games.


bearded_gnome 1 year ago

dear LPD officer, thanks! you just got some scum off the street and took harm to yourself. good job. in a way, it's too bad the article doesn't name the officer so as to honor him/her.

controled substance? and just what might that be?


bearded_gnome 1 year ago

Tuesday, and saw a person exit a broken window and run east, throwing several cell phones aside as he fled,

---"can you uh hear me NOW?"


somebodynew 1 year ago

g_rock -nobody ever said criminals were SMART.


g_rock 1 year ago

Oh honey. If you break into a cell phone store, why on earth would you do T-mobile? Goodgravy.


ljwhirled 1 year ago

How about some license plate cams on Hwy 40 and on all of the I-70 exits.

Run the plates against warrants and stolen vehicles real time, then pull them over and arrest them here in Lawrence.

if they have dope, impound and sell their vehicles.


ljwhirled 1 year ago

I was stunned to see that that upstanding individual was from Topeka.


irvan moore 1 year ago

possibly related to the meth article


IKU57 1 year ago

This why there free phones are given out. To stop crime. If enough various items are given out, police forces should be able to reduce members.


budtugly 1 year ago

Where do I sign up for that job? Thanks once again LPD.


meatheadwisdom 1 year ago

Pretty tough, hang in there guys. Thanks for putting your lives on the line for our safety!


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