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Police arrest dozens of people for DUI, alcohol-related offenses during weekend

April 1, 2013


Police arrested dozens of people this weekend for alcohol-related offenses, including two assaults on police officers.

The unusually high number of arrests was partly due to police commanders' efforts to crack down on drunken driving and other moving violations, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman.

From Friday to Sunday, 29 people were booked into the Douglas County Jail for DUI or driving with an open container of alcohol. That's roughly three times the number of similar arrests in a typical weekend, according to the jail logs, though the frequency of these incidents varies.

Some of the incidents were uglier than usual, McKinley said. Two police officers were attacked and injured by suspects while making arrests.

In one incident, a man punched an officer in the face after being stopped while driving from the scene of a fight at Haskell Indian Nations University about 2 a.m. Saturday. He was arrested along with another occupant of the car, who was booked on suspicion of driving with an open container and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, McKinley said.

On Sunday, another officer was injured while trying to remove a person from the Lawrence Community Shelter at the request of staff, who said the man was disorderly and belligerent. After the man kicked responding officers, they used a Taser to arrest him, McKinley said. He was checked at the hospital before being taken to jail.

There were other arrests in Lawrence this weekend as well, and 22 tickets for moving violations. These were among the alcohol-related arrests:

• Three for tampering with ignition interlock devices.

• Three for disorderly conduct.

• Two intoxicated pedestrians.

• Five for leaving the scene of an accident.

• Three for battery.

• Six for open containers.

• Two for criminal damage.


Kent Noble 1 year ago

I congratulate the police force for keeping the roads safer. but man look at all the money the Lawrence Police Department made over the weekend. I wonder what they would come up with next if everyone decided not to drink and drive or walk around drunk in the middle of the street. Why don't we all try and make a wiser decision and take better responsibility about drinking and driving. That way the Lawrence Police Department can quit mooching off the drunk drivers. I went through a DUI check point Friday night, it just so happens to be right after the KU game. I understand very much it does save peoples lifes, but I don't think the police force is in it for the money!!!!


James Minor 1 year ago

If you are over the legal limit for alcohol, walking in the middle of the street naked with no BB tickets, you are begging to be thrown in jail.


Hooligan_016 1 year ago

Well that explains it, on my way home from Mass St on Saturday night (and had not been drinking) there were cops just absolutely everywhere. Was kind of paranoid I was going to get pulled over b/c I had a headlight go out that evening :(


Karl_Hungus 1 year ago

"another officer was injured while trying to remove a person from the Lawrence Community Shelter at the request of staff, who said the man was disorderly and belligerent"

I wonder what the difference in price is for housing this fine young cannibal in jail or chateau de la bum?

I agree KL, unless those two were really doing something off the wall leaving the Police with no option, leave them alone...they didn't drive


PwopellewCap 1 year ago

I'm sure all these arrested were framed by police and lost their businesses because of it. That's how the police work right?


KansasLiberal 1 year ago

"These were among the alcohol-related arrests: • Two intoxicated pedestrians."

Why does an intoxicated pedestrian need to be arrested? Didn't those people make the right choice by not driving? Unless they were walking down the middle of the street why punish them?


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