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100 years ago: Old house survived Quantrill’s Raid but cannot stop time’s decay

September 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 30, 1912:

  • "Another of the old landmarks of Lawrence is being razed. The old Donnelly home at the corner of Rhode Island and Quincy [11th] streets must succumb to the progress of the times and is being torn down today by workmen and in the place of this old stone structure that has withstood the ravages of time will arise two modern residences.... The old building was practically worthless owing to its age and the crumbling condition of some of the walls. The building stone will be used in the construction of the foundations for the new buildings. The old Donnelly home is one of the landmarks of Lawrence. It is a building with a history that antedates the Quantrell Raid on Lawrence, having been erected in 1852. It was one of the few buildings that escaped the torch on that awful day of murder and destruction by the Missouri guerrillas. There is a story on the saving of that house that indicates that there was still one little spark of manhood left in the bosom of one of these marauders. The elder Mr. Donnelly was quite sick at the time the raiders entered Lawrence and was confined to his bed in this house. During the course of the burning of the city the torch was applied to this building and it was threatened with destruction.... One of the members of the gang learning that there was a sick man in the home extinguished the blaze that was rapidly making headway and the house and all of its occupants were saved. 'I have done many a mean thing in my life, but I have never burned a house over a sick man,' he was heard to remark after he put out the blaze. Mr. Donnelly died a few weeks after the raid.... The rock out of which the house was constructed was taken from the old rock quarry and was hauled to the site of the building by James Donnelly with the help of an ox team. James Donnelly carried every rock to the masons who did the work on the house and it is with a deep feeling of regret that one sees the old homestead being torn down today. At the time it was built it was the best in the city but times have changed and the old must give way to the new."
  • "The fee system in connection with the local police department has been abolished. The city dads last night passed the ordinance which places the city officials, who formerly have depended upon fees, on a regular salary basis. In the future the police will receive a regular monthly salary.... Offenders who are hauled into court and convicted will continue to be assessed the usual fees but the money collected in this way will be turned over to the city."
  • [Advertisement] "Are you keeping your bowels, liver and stomach clean, pure and fresh with Cascarets, or merely forcing a passageway through these alimentary or drainage organs every few days with Salts, Cathartic Pills, Castor Oil or Purgative Waters? Stop having a bowel wash-day. Let Cascarets thoroughly cleanse and regular the stomach, remove the undigested, sour and fermenting food and foul gases, take the excess bile from the liver and carry out of the system all the decomposed waste matter and poisons in the intestines.... A Cascaret tonight will make you feel great by morning.... Millions of men and women take a Cascaret now and then and never have Headache, Biliousness, coated tongue, Indigestion, Sour Stomach or Constipated Bowels. Cascarets belong in every household. Children just love to take them."


Stephanie Hull 5 years, 6 months ago

I was curious about Cascarets, so I did a quick search. Here's an interesting article about this candy medicine:

Sarah St. John 5 years, 6 months ago

Thanks sjgreen! Very interesting. The "drugs" of that era certainly claimed a lot for themselves. Did you see this one from last Friday? --

"The Texas Wonder cures kidney and bladder troubles, dislocates gravel, cures diabetes, weak and lame backs, rheumatism, and all irregularities of the kidneys and bladder in both men and women. Regulates bladder troubles in children. One small bottle is two months' treatment and seldom fails to perfect a cure."

("cures diabetes" -- wow!!)

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