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Fair helps prepare residents for the worst

September 29, 2012


In recent years, tornadoes have leveled Joplin, Mo., and Greensburg. A flood inundated Atchison. But should such natural disasters come to Lawrence, Douglas County Emergency Management plans on having its residents prepared.

Materials for kit

Jillian Rodrigue, Douglas County Emergency Management assistant director, suggested what to keep in an emergency preparedness kit:

• water

• nonperishable food

• clothes

• radio

• flashlight

• first-aid kit

Douglas County Emergency Management hosted the Douglas County Preparedness Fair on Saturday at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2120 Harper St. Lawrence firefighters, police officers, the American Red Cross, the National Weather Service and many other agencies were on hand to inform eventgoers of how to prepare for an emergency.

“Emergencies happen,” said Jillian Rodrigue, assistant director of Douglas County Emergency Management. “But by being prepared, we can make those disasters have less of an impact. That’s how we are able to recover from the Joplin, the Greensburg and the Atchisons.”

Rodrigue said it was also important to have a prepared community because it drastically reduces the workload of first responders and will help keep the city safe immediately after any sort of emergency or disaster.

The most important part of emergency preparedness, Rodrigue said, is to be able to hold out until help arrives. That’s where emergency preparedness kits come in.

Different agencies supplied eventgoers with items such as first-aid bags and toiletries to begin their own emergency prep kits.

Rodrigue said they planned on giving away 100 or more of these kits before the day was over.

The Hunter family of Lawrence was on hand building their prep kit.

“We are really interested in emergency preparedness,” mother Chrystal Hunter said.

She said her son, Gabriel, a Cub Scout and second-grader, also helped bring them to the event. Gabriel explained why it was so important to always be prepared.

“So no one gets hurt or anything and goes missing,” he said.


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