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100 years ago: Runaways from Topeka returned to their homes

September 29, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 29, 1912:

  • "Four thousand people attended the Fair on the closing day yesterday and the gates have closed on the Sixth Annual Douglas County Fair. As was expected the final day brought out the largest crowd of the week.... The auto races and exhibitions on the track proved to be the best drawing card of the week. Very few Douglas county people have seen a real auto race and they took advantage of the opportunity to see the speeders perform. The grandstand at the track was crowded to its capacity while spectators lined the fences to see the speeding cars dash around the track.... The races were very thrilling and made one hold his breath for fear that something would happen."
  • "While the city police were trying to untangle the affairs of three runaway girls yesterday afternoon, two little boys appeared in the station in custody of an officer. The boys had run away from Topeka and had been found at the city rest room. They fixed up some sort of a story, but the officers were inclined to doubt it. Later it was found that the boys had run away from their homes in Topeka. The authorities there were notified and this morning came after the runaways. One of the three girls taken up here yesterday has returned to Topeka again. A brother and her fiance came down after her last night and took her home. She said last night that she was glad she was going back, but that she still insisted that she would not keep her matrimonial date for Sunday. She gave as her reason for leaving the fact that she was to be married and had changed her mind about it."
  • [Advertisement] "I have called on my neighbors morning, afternoon, and evening. I have been guilty of a late dinner because of a long chat. Guilty not because I consider time spent in exchanging recipes or gleaning wisdom from another's experience as time wasted, but because I belong to the old school when it comes to believing in a regular schedule for meals.... But I have gotten out of such bad habits as hurrying and worrying just before meal time.... At any rate I know that my appetite and my digestion have been much better since I installed my electric cook stove.... A cousin who visited me recently was much amazed at my calmness when we would come strolling home for meals at just about time for the rest of the family to come home. She would see me prepare the meat and potatoes and the shortcake or whatever we were to have and put it into the stove and set the clock and leave it so. But to see me return leisurely and put it upon the table steaming hot as though I had been bending over the stove for an hour or two seemed to awaken her to an idea of drudgery gone by and she wondered if it were 'just right for people to have things so easy nowadays.' 'More time for calling, less time in the kitchen' -- this is my ideal, and electricity enables me to realize it."


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