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100 years ago: Youngest KU student entered high school at age 11

September 27, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 27, 1912:

  • "Following close after W. A. Munson of Mound City, age 74, who registered for work at the University of Kansas, entered today Henry Tihen of Anndale, Kansas, age 16, wearing knickerbockers. Tihen is enrolled as a freshmen in the College of Arts and is taking Chemistry, Mathematics and English. He was born in August, 1896. 'I was eleven when I entered high school,' Tihen told Registrar George O. Foster. 'I passed my sixteenth birthday last month. I skipped two grades in grammar school and took two others in one year. After completing my course in the College of Arts, I am going to enter the School of Medicine.'"
  • "Yesterday was Haskell day at the Douglas County Fair and about 750 Indian boys and girls and instructors, superintendents and employees spent the day at the Fair grounds. The boys and girls rode the roller coaster and merry-go-round, they ate sandwiches and they bought souvenirs, for they were 'out for a good time' and they evidently had it. There was no school at Haskell yesterday afternoon and the entire school came in to spend the day at the Park and the Fair."
  • "With an enrollment as large as the average Kansas High School, with its own class rooms and instructors, its own athletics and other organizations, the Oread High School can now take rank among the foremost of Kansas preparatory schools.... At present all sessions are held in Myers Hall which is especially fitted for school purposes. The school was primarily started as a laboratory for students in the School of Education who would furnish instruction to enrolled students of the University who were deficient in entrance requirements. However, there were numerous applications from students who wished to pursue regular high school courses so the scope of the school was enlarged. 'We now have about one hundred thirty students,' said Professor A. W. Trettien, principal of the school, 'who come from as far east as New York, as far south as Texas, as far west as Colorado and as far north as Iowa.... We have thirty students from the School of Education who act as instructors ... and four supervisors from the University faculty.'"
  • "The first frost of the season occurred last night according to the official record of the University weather department. The frost was only light and did very little damage."


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