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First Bell: More on SATs; continuing bond issue updates; meet the new AYP

September 26, 2012


News, et cetera, from schools in and around Douglas County:

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• The high schools released their SAT score information Tuesday and I had some fun comparing numbers.

I've posted an interactive chart below.

But looking at those numbers, it's important to remember that only 123 students took the SAT. The official count for seniors is about 730 in both schools.

Interesting tidbits from the numbers to do with what you'd like:

— More girls took the test than boys, but they did worse in reading and math and better at writing in both schools.

— More Free State students (70) took the test than Lawrence High students (53).

— The 50 percentile scores in each subject and for each school were higher than the state and national 50th percentile scores.

• Superintendent Rick Doll spoke to the school board on Monday about the bond issue. One thing I learned is that Gould Evans, the firm working on getting information for the planning process, is using Langston Hughes School as a comparison to Cordley, Hillcrest, Kennedy, New York, Pickney and Sunset Hill.

The staff and board members I've talked to about the bond all point out that their aim to "increase equity" among schools by bringing the older ones more up-to-date.

You can read more about how the bond issue includes facilities ideas in the district goals.

• Those district goals were officially approved on Monday. At that meeting, we also learned more about "AMO" — the new AYP. I'll share a more extensive presentation on those new measurement goals as soon as I get it; it's interesting that it seems quite similar, though perhaps even more complex.

• Know anything that I need to learn? Send news tips, comments or questions to or call 832-6314.

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Don't know if it just my computer, but the SAT chart covers the paragraph about the bond issue. only have part of the last word in each sentence.

alex_garrison 5 years, 8 months ago

My mistake in the code. I've moved it to the bottom so you can read the whole thing, but it doesn't block text. Thanks!


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