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Attorney General Schmidt reorganizes efforts to help crime victims

September 25, 2012


— Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has reorganized his office's administration of programs that help crime victims.

He's also promoted his chief spokesman to oversee some of them.

Schmidt says he's creating a new Division of Crime Victims Compensation that will be overseen by Jeff Wagaman, who has served both as his main spokesman and his deputy chief of staff. Wagaman also is a former assistant state treasurer.

The new division will focus on helping crime victims obtain compensation for their losses, allowing the state's three-member Crime Victims Compensation Board to concentrate on reviewing claims.

The new division will be split off from the Division of Victims' Services. Five employees will move from that division to the new one under Wagaman.

Schmidt says he will name a new chief spokesman soon.


Cait McKnelly 5 years, 9 months ago

Why is this necessary? The Crime Victims Compensation department was already doing a good job. Was this done to create jobs for someone? It's pretty well known that every time you split services between two departments it adds a layer of bureaucracy that makes it more difficult for the person applying for and receiving government services. The compensation fund doesn't have a single tax dollar in it. It's funded entirely by donations and fines levied against criminals. This entire thing makes me nervous.

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