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100 years ago: Entire downtown closes early so all may enjoy county fair

September 25, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 25, 1912:

  • "With everything ready at the fair and business generally suspended downtown the indications clearly pointed to a monster crowd at the fair grounds this afternoon and a grand successful opening was assured. The business men of the city decided that they would make the fair a big success from the very beginning and decided that in order to do this they would select the very first one of the week as 'Their Day' on which they would close up their stores and shops and see Douglas County as she is being shown at the Annual Fair.... There is to be a general closing of all stores at noon today. Practically all of the business houses will be closed and owners and clerks will be out at the fair for the afternoon. All of the banks agreed to close and even Uncle Sam declared a half holiday and closed his post office at noon. Newspapers are to be printed at noon so that those connected with the afternoon dailies can enjoy the afternoon at the Park.... In fact there will be 'nothing doing' downtown this afternoon but there will be plenty at the fair and all who want to be with the crowd will be obliged to hike to the park this afternoon."
  • "A sharp pain caught Tom Myers in the side yesterday and when he put his hand to the spot he pulled out a needle. When it entered his body he doesn't know, but presumes he must have swallowed it as a child and that it has been in his body for more than forty years. Most everyone knows Myers as for years he was the largest man in town, weighing over 350 pounds. For some time he has been in bad health.... Myers is now getting along well and complete recovery is anticipated. The needle was sent to the Journal-World office. Its nickel surface has been taken away by the acids of the body and it now has a black oxidized color."
  • "While Lecompton was at one time the capital of the state of Kansas, there is no mark there officially recognizing the spot as the first capital of the state. When Earl Akers was at Lecompton recently he started a boom for having the state make a state park out of the sixteen acres formerly occupied as capitol grounds and later as the campus of Lane university. The building of the capitol never went beyond the basement and first story and afterwards the walls were torn down that the stone might be used in building the building so long occupied by Lane university. There is so much of historical interest at Lecompton that it is a wonder that an enterprising novelist did not long ago find material there for a novel."
  • "Owing to the cool weather, the order heretofore made in regard to muzzling dogs is set aside from this date. Persons owning vicious dogs are warned that the same must be kept under the control of the owner. Some people own dogs that are vicious and allow the same to roam at large. If these dogs are found upon the streets doing damage, the same will be summarily disposed of. S. D. BISHOP, Mayor."


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