Letter to the Editor: Look at science

To the editor:

I don’t consider myself one who goes to the extreme over the environment. But grant me time to share a few thoughts with any who refuses to accept the possibility that man is having an adverse effect on our environment. 

We enjoy the luxury and convenience of microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, preserved and pasteurized foods, and the science of medicine. We marvel about man on the moon, exploring Mars and beyond. GPS and weather-related satellites bring us information about where we are and how hot tomorrow will be.

Science made all those things possible. I doubt we would give up many of those marvels.  

We buy insurance policies on our cars, houses and bodies. We spend billions of dollars defending our country in case someone decides they don’t like us very much, insurance for ourselves and country. Insurance is our fall-back position against the unexpected.

Given the millions of benefits we all enjoy through science, why would we deny the findings of hundreds of people with PhD’s in environmental science warning us that man is negatively affecting the climate of the very place we live. Did we object to the science of microwaves or cell phones?

 I don’t relish paying for insurance, but with the environment, it’s not just your life you are gambling with – it is mine and every other living thing on Earth. If you reject the findings of environmental science, show me your research and PhD in that field. 

I have one question for you: What if you are wrong?