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Fix-It Chick: Install a turnbuckle on sagging screen door

September 24, 2012


If your screen door is sagging and won’t close properly anymore, installing a screen door turnbuckle may be the solution to your woes.

Step 1: Screen door turnbuckles typically come in two sizes: 42-1/2 inches long for doors that are less than 36 inches wide, and 50 inches for doors that are 36 inches wide or larger. Measure the width of the sagging screen door to determine what size will work best.

Step 2: Assemble the turnbuckle. Thread the rods into the coupling nut no more than 1/2 inch on each end, to keep the turnbuckle as long as possible. Thread one rod into the coupling nut by turning it clockwise and the other rod in by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 3: Hold the assembled turnbuckle diagonally across the lower portion of the screen door. Center the lower end of the turnbuckle below the door handle, about 2 inches from the bottom of the door.

Step 4: Position the upper portion of the turnbuckle as far up as possible on the hinge side of the door, centering the end between the door edge and the screen.

Step 5: Use a pencil to mark the position of the mounting holes on both the upper and lower portion of the turnbuckle.

Step 6: Drill a shallow pilot hole for each of the mounting screws.

Step 7: Attach the turnbuckle to the screen door by threading the upper mounting screw through the hole in the upper portion of the turnbuckle and into the hinge side pilot hole. Do not tighten the screw completely.

Step 8: Angle the turnbuckle across the door until the lower mounting hole is aligned with the pilot hole near the bottom of the door. Thread the lower mounting screw through the mounting hole and into the pilot hole.

Step 9: Tighten the mounting screws until the turnbuckle is securely fastened to the door.

Step 10: Straighten the sagging door by turning the coupling nut to tighten the turnbuckle. As the turnbuckle is tightened, the bottom of the door should lift and pull, making the door square once again.

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