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Court hearing granted in “birther” challenge to Obama’s place on the Kansas ballot

September 21, 2012, 11:17 a.m. Updated September 21, 2012, 1:38 p.m.


— A California attorney has filed a lawsuit in Kansas challenging President Barack Obama's listing on the state's Nov. 6 election ballot.

Attorney Orly Taitz has promoted the discredited notion that Obama is not a U.S. citizen in other states. Her lawsuit in Shawnee County District Court also says she's representing a registered Kansas voter named Roger Walters but doesn't say where he lives.

Taitz filed her lawsuit Thursday, and a hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3.

The defendants in the lawsuit are the State Objections Board and Secretary of State Kris Kobach, its chairman.

Earlier this week, the board closed a review of whether Obama should be listed on the ballot after the president's birth-state of Hawaii authenticated information in an online copy of his birth certificate.


SageonPage 3 years ago

She has every right to do so and I applaud her efforts to uncover fraudulent candidates and to ensure we are guarding our Constitution. Go Orly!

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

Yes, more people should waste the time and money of the court system with thoroughly debunked nonsense.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

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ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

All I had to do is a Google search for "Obama New Jersey birth certificate" to quickly shoot your non-sense out of the water. What you're talking about didn't happen. But you just keep believing whatever you want...

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

You're just misinterpreting the story.

"His decision, delivered to Apuzzo via email, was not based on the issues presented in the challenge, namely that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States and that a birth certificate released by the White House last April is fraudulent, but rather on a technicality, Apuzzo said.

The judge ruled that Obama's place on the ballot could not be removed by challenge because Obama, as president, automatically appears on the ballot and without his consent. Thus, Obama cannot be held immediately responsible for proving his eligibility."

What that's saying is that it's not up to the judge to decide if Obama can be on the ballot so they don't need to provide any evidence.

And if you were right, then why did they allow Obama to be on the ballot despite the Defense's supposed admitting the BC was fraudulent?

Gotalife 3 years ago

That's right Sage, keep it up..... Way to help make our state look like it's full of morons.

grammaddy 3 years ago

Can you provide ONE single document proving Obama is a fraud. Don't worry I'll wait.....

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

You can't prove a negative. Obama has provided his birth certificate. Hawaii has verified he was born there. Making s... up is wasting valuable state resources. This is BS. You are a racist AND an idiot. This CA lawyer should be disbarred for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Mike1949 3 years ago

Boy are the dysfunctional out tonight. Talk about put up or shut up, what proof Obama is a fraud. The clown face fits ya, because this is a joke, though rational people are not laughing.

Glenn Reed 3 years ago

You have just insulted fungus. I really thought you were better than that...

Toni Shelton 3 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I was about to feed it........ugh.......

fiddleback 3 years ago

Reminds me to do some Daily Show graphic brainstorming...

Oily Taintz Rides Again

Oily Taintz: the After-Birther Sliming

Oily Taintz: Perineal Fungus Among Us

But then maybe they'll skip her entirely obvious porn name...

beatrice 3 years ago

fraudulent ... like zombies on this website?

dwendel 3 years ago

You truely are the laughing stock of NE Kansas, SageyPagey. Long live the King of All Birthers! What would the LJW do without you to provide such grand entertainment?

KEITHMILES05 3 years ago

She is a total nutcase who needs to be put out to the pasture. This is absolute abuse of time, money, and the court. It's been establish MANY times already Obama is what he is...........a citizen of this country. So sad we have "intelligent" yahoos wanting to be taken serious. Laughable!

gorilla 3 years ago

In our country it is up to the one making the allegation to back it up, not vice=versa.

gorilla 3 years ago

In our country the burden of proof is on the one making the allegation, not the other way around. I would be interested in seeing any proof if she really has any. She is suing on behalf of someone who I don't think has been identified to the public yet.

somedude20 3 years ago

What about Willard's birth certificate as his pops was born in Mexico? Oh, he is white and therefore is exempt.

Paul Geisler 3 years ago

What a waste of time! Somebody better book her a flight back to Cali!

lawrencian 3 years ago

Why the hell are they entertaining this lawsuit from a person who doesn't even live in Kansas?

costello 3 years ago

She says she's representing a Kansan - "Roger Walters."

coloradoan 3 years ago

But she is not a licensed attorney in Kansas, right? So she cannot appear before the court as a legal representative of anyone, unless she is associated with a Kansas-licensed attorney. She can appear pro se, but then as a nnon-resident should have no standing.

somedude20 3 years ago

I bet a number of these birther cats use these fantasies to gratify themselves sexually but at the end of the day, they are only "manipulating" themselves

lama 3 years ago

Perhaps Derek Schmidt can hire a high-priced out-of-state law firm to write a brief in the case. Another great use of tax money.

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

You know who definitely could not run for President? Orly Taitz. She is Russian, as in, she was born in Russia to Russian parents.

It's hilarious that some would support a Russian in undermining the President of the United States, under the guise of Patriotism...

bad_dog 3 years ago

My thoughts exactly, albeit not necessarily "illegal". I'm guessing she's appearing pro hac vice. Identifying which law firm she's using as "attorney of record" might provide some interesting fodder for discussion.

There is a person named Roger Walter that is an attorney with the Morris Laing law firm. They have offices in Topeka, Wichita and West Palm Beach, Florida. That Roger Walter is the former General Counsel to the Kansas Securities Commission, although that is just one of several governmental positions he's held in his career.

I don't know if this is the correct Roger, but it looks quite possible.

Jonathan Becker 3 years ago

She filed pro se -- She is the named plaintiff on behalf of Roger Walters. She is trying to get around not having a Kansas license by saying she is the plaintiff on behalf of some one else. J. Hendricks is going to kick this to the curb.

GUMnNUTS 3 years ago

A nice article about this in yesterdays Topeka Capital Journal. I love the video.

msezdsit 3 years ago

As Sage openly displays, their is a market for birthir franchises . My guess is Taitz sees a huge market in kansas with all the sages that live here.

msezdsit 3 years ago

yep, as I said, there is a well supported market for birthir franchises in Kansas.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Oh good, more positive publicity for Kansas, at at the same time Sammy is pushing for Ecotourism! I'm sure the coasters are overwhelming the phone lines to inquire about reservations before they are all taken. Some of the possibilities: Keystone Pipeline Route, Homeplace of Brownie in Parker, Site of homebase of helicopter alien shooter, Most likely spot in the State to be either hit by a tornado or struck by lightning, Site of Steve Abrams and Connie Morris anti-evolution Board of Evolution Meeting, Location of Smilin Sam rejecting Art's Funding, Holcomb Kansas for "In Cold Blood" and new but outdated coal burner, KU football game, farm pond where Galilee swimmer practiced, and as a side trip for Notre Dame football fans, the killing site of Knute Rockne! Oh so many options!

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

Safe bet since it never happened in the first place. The fact that it is a "claim" That has never been proven should have been your first clue.

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

Orly Taitz should be given a bill for legal expenses incurred by the State of Kansas for bringing this settled argument back into the courts. The judge should dismiss it as frivolous and see to it the State is Reimbursed for any and all expenses pertaining to these allegations that have been disproved many times . Enough of this BS!

verity 3 years ago

Pretty much what I was thinking.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Sage has gotten on another hormone rage! Slow down, take a deep breath (but not if you are suffering from hay fever, as I am), pour a tall cool one, kick back and turn on MSNBC, that will help relax you!

msezdsit 3 years ago

"Attorney Orly Taitz has promoted the discredited notion that Obama is not a U.S. citizen in other states."

Yes. even you can have your very own birthir franchise. Maybe Taitz could tell how much she has made in promoting her stupidity and then, maybe she wouldn't look so stupid. Hope she isn't tapping into herr birthir kobach's birthir franchise.

eean 3 years ago

So Kansas is voting on a Monday this year? Bold move.

Bob_Keeshan 3 years ago

None of this happens if Derek Schmidt and Jeff Colyer stand up and dismiss the challenge at the first hearing.

The press is eager to blame Kobach, but the blame lies squarely with Schmidt and Colyer.

jehovah_bob 3 years ago

All for a state that has only voted Democrat once since 1940.

Their point is moot, MOOT I say!

Richard Benson 3 years ago

Almost a half a million Kansans voted for President Obama in 2008, despite no campaign on the ground here at all. I have heard (although this does not sound plausible) that President Obama carried every precinct in the City of Lawrence, and that may be so in that President Obama carried Douglas County with 64% of the vote.

As for Derek Schmidt, Jeff Colyer, and Kris Kobach -- they ALL THREE hold offices that were held by Democrats as recently as 2010. Keeping Democrats at home is very much in the interest of the ambitious trio. I guess it's okay to deny Democrats their vote if you --like Romney-- devalue the 47% to the extent that you would deny them food, shelter, and health care and generally believe them to be cur dogs.

jehovah_bob 3 years ago

What I'm saying is, they're campaigning this birther idea in the wrong state. Kansas will vote for Romney whether Obama's on the ballot or not. By majority I mean, Douglas and Wyandotte always go blue, but they're not enough to carry the state.

costello 3 years ago

I agree. What a waste of time on more than one level!

jehovah_bob 3 years ago

Ah, I'm on track now about the Dems staying home, and I concur.

I still think even if Kansas could get him off the ballot, everyone outside the state will say, "Well yeah, what else do you expect from Kansas?"

kernal 3 years ago

Don't know if you're referring to just the Presidency or including the governorship, but Sebelius was not the only Democratic governor since 1940.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 3 years ago

I wonder how much money Donald Trump is dumping on thes fire he has caused? It just never fails to amaze my just how many idiots and jerks can come out of the woodwork when some irrelevant issue such as this "birther" thing come up. "

The government demolished the Twin Towers with secetly placed ex-plosives." "

The moon landing was done in Arizona (good republican refuge) with trick photography, "

and ah yes,....there is "the grassy knoll in Dallas." (you gotta be over 50 to remember that one!!

Fools and freaks are a part of our civilization and we will be encumbered with them endlessly as long as we have the freedon to speak. And there are those who will speak foolishly and wigh malice to all. Like the Phelpses, they should just be ignored if it was not taken so seriously by a demented splinter of the population.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Yoeman: Being a Navy guy myself, the one that still get's under my skin is the 1967 attack by Israel on the USS Liberty. Thirty five killed, LBJ and Israel claimed a "mistake", while really a purposeful action. LBJ said I don't care about men, or ship, I just don't want to embarass an ally (Israel). But, Senator John McCain (a prisoner of war at the time) and son of Chief of Naval Operations later agreed to the "mistake myth", in order to save papa's image. This is the same guy who now spouts his honorable military service, gave voice to swift-boaters (opposed to fellow Navy man Kerry) and sounds off on any of Obama's foreign policy issues. John is has has been loser, just like Sununu from New Hampshire.

pace 3 years ago

As congress continues to be a damage to this country. Senator blowhard and limp fights bills for vets. They stand behind our troops, way behind like true cowards.

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

The claim did not come from Hillary, it came from a small group of her supporters and then Tea Party dingbats and Faux News took it as their own.

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

The Republicans are desperate. They are getting their hat handed to them in the polls. They recently concluded the lamest political convention in modern history & they've nominated the most short-sighted presidential candidate I can recall.

Remember Romney's shining example of foreign policy expertise? He goes to the Olympics & tacitly insults the host nation's efforts. Now, a video surfaces in which he virtually writes off half the populace as entitlement minded leeches & then claims he supports 100% of Americans.

It's no wonder his supporters continue to hang on to this birther nonsense. They feel the need to do something, anything, that will deflect attention from the incompetency of their own candidate.

Mary Darst 3 years ago

Just some more of Kansas looking dumb again.....

somedude20 3 years ago

Yep, they have done it again. Not part, not half but full blown retard (Sage included)

matthew2600 3 years ago

Roger Walters is no Roger Waters

beatrice 3 years ago

Although he does appear to be as bright as the Dark Side of the Moon.

... or is he just another brick in The Wall?

irvan moore 3 years ago

i saw that lady lawyer on tv, she appeared to be a whack job

jehovah_bob 3 years ago

She appeared to be a confused mail-order bride to me.

jafs 3 years ago

The truly ironic thing about this is that Obama has virtually no chance of winning in KS, and given a winner take all apportionment of electoral votes, whether or not he's on the ballot is completely irrelevant here.

Or, are Romney supporters afraid Obama may win in KS?

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

If everyone actually voted in Kansas, I think Obama would have a really good shot at winning the state.

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

Wouldn't that be something if Obama took Kansas? You would be able to look west towards the Capitol and see all the individual plumes of smoke from The Republicans as they spontaneously combust from rage and anger.

kernal 3 years ago

Well, that image just put a grin on my mug!

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

Kris Kobach and the Board opened the door for this to happen. Remember this in 2014 elections, if any Republican can get beat in Kansas, it's him.

del888 3 years ago

This is one way for Romney to win - just take Obama off the ballot. What a complete waste of money.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

"Orly Taitz should be given a bill for legal expenses incurred by the State of Kansas for bringing this settled argument back into the courts. The judge should dismiss it as frivolous and see to it the State is Reimbursed for any and all expenses pertaining to these allegations that have been disproved many times . Enough of this BS!"

I second this motion!!!

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

Thank you, merrill. It is an honor to be quoted by you.

grammaddy 3 years ago

If this "birther" bs ad any real truth to it, don't you think Bill and Hillary would have been all over it during the primaries in'08? This only makes Kansas look even more backwards. The fact that Sageon Page is all excited about it tells me all I need to know. Hey Sageon Page, how about you come up with some proof that Obama is a fraud. I see why the wifey keeps you in the house.

ThingTwo 3 years ago

Always judge a book by it's words!

question4u 3 years ago

This fiasco should be very helpful in recruiting businesses to Kansas. You can almost taste that prosperity that Brownback is promising.

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has suggested that Kansas is "stuck in the 19th century" and "should document that it's in the 21st century" before being allowed to participate in elections.

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean is a little more succinct. "What's the matter with Kansas?" he asks. "They're NUTS."

You can't buy publicity like that. Brownback's ecotourist venture will no doubt be booming in a few days, and those businesses will be lining up to move to Kansas. All it took was dispelling the stereotype of Kansas as backwards and ignorant. Thanks Joe Montgomery, Kris Kobach, Jeff Colyer, and Derrick Schmidt for showing the world that Kansans are levelheaded after all.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Matthew2600: You are right, whereas Roger Waters created "The Wall", ,Roger Walters will be hitting the wall with the rest of the Kansas birther nut cases come November 5th, won't even need to wait to the 6th for Romney concession..

tir 3 years ago

(Eye roll)

Just another day in BrownWHACKistan....

It would be funny if it wasn't so utterly pathetic. If these imbeciles truly want to waste their own time and money pursuing a frivolous lawsuit, it's their right and privilege to do so, but I resent the fact that they are wasting the Kansas court's time, not to mention making this state even more of a laughingstock than it already is. I hope that this suit is swiftly dismissed, and that they end up having to pay all court costs.

beatrice 3 years ago

Ever think that maybe he shouldn't have been asked such a ridiculous question in the first place? If I accuse you of being a drug addict are you going to race right out and get a drug test just to prove me wrong, or are you going to tell me to shove it? No president has ever had to endure this type of senseless attack. The birther movement is born out of racism because some people simply can't handle the fact that a black man is president -- there must be something wrong! I know, his daddy is from Kenya, so he must be a Kenyan!

He should have let the state of Hawaii answer any questions presented regarding his citizenship, which he originally did, and beyond that he should have just told all the racists to shove it!

friendlyjhawk 3 years ago

Just another way that Kansans look like idiots. That California nutjob lawyer smelled money in nutjob Kansas and kept looking for someone here to support her cause. Bazinga, she found a couple of them. One just couldn't take the "pressure" so now she won't disclose the location of the other. Almost enough to make this native Kansan hurl.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

notwhatyouthink: Pres. Obama did not release his birth certificate right away for a very good political reason. He knew birthers, T-baggers, Koch-a-kolas, The Donald would waste their time, money and reputation by dragging this on. Would you expect anything less if the shoe was on the other foot with pudgy Karl Rove in charge.

Clevercowgirl 3 years ago

The old "give them enough rope" theory.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Where's Sage, must have suffered too much by the logical beatdown today.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

Sage is a shrill errand boy...sent by grocery collect a bill.

MarcoPogo 3 years ago

Hawking is not exactly a looker.

kernal 3 years ago

Nothing like insulting the most brilliant scientist of our time for a disease he did not cause.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

This is all about appealing to the wacko Republican base. The RyanRomney campaign is floundering right now, and Republicans know that to win, they have to mobilize that base to the max.

Kansas, with a solid phalanx of top state-level Republicans of the wacko strain, primarily Brownback, Kobach, Colyer, is a friendly place to throw this futile bit of BS against the wall, and it'll play well all across the wackosphere nationwide.

Jeff Cuttell 3 years ago

Their hope is keep enough democrats away from the polls due to not being able to vote for their candidate for POTUS that it gets Republican candidates elected or reelected to other offices.

jafs 3 years ago

That's a frightening thought.

I hope they're wrong, and that even if Obama isn't on the ballot, D will vote in the elections.

Given that there's not much chance of his winning KS either way, I imagine most D who vote in KS do so for the possibility of affecting local races.

Kookamooka 3 years ago

LOL! The objections board and Kris Kobach are going to look like liberals when they are forced by law to concede that Pres. Obama is legally allowed to be on the ballot in KS. Go on Tea Party Birther Kooks! You are just pushing our conservative politicians further to the LEFT!

tolawdjk 3 years ago

Haven't read the full board, but my guess is that it is being pushed in KS for a couple reasons. One, if it succeeds here, it can be used in other locations. It can also be used after the election should Obama win. Should that not be successful, it can still be used to throw a monkey wrench into his Administration for the next four.

Second, and I don't think this would have much impact in KS, but maybe elsewhere, if Obama is not on the ballot, then many voters may not show and while it will have no ultimate impact on the Presidential election, it could effect the downvote ballots.

If Kobach wants to keep the integrity of the election, he will kick this out.

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

The last thing Kobach wants to keep is the integrity of any Kansas election. Can anyone recall a worse Kansas Secretary of State?

James Nelson 3 years ago

Why doesn't this hate mongeress simply take her hate back to whereever she came from?

classclown 3 years ago


The judge ruled that Obama's place on the ballot could not be removed by challenge because Obama, as president, automatically appears on the ballot and without his consent. Thus, Obama cannot be held immediately responsible for proving his eligibility."

September 21, 2012 at 1:40 p.m


That ruling is faulty as past presidents have chosen not to run for another term even though they were eligible and their names were not automatically on the ballot against their will. Johnson in 1968 and Truman in 1952 being the latest.

I believe a higher court would strike down his ruling.

Not that I think this case has any merit, just that the judge made his ruling for the wrong (and ignorant) reason.

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

But the point is that an Obama lawyer did not, in any way say that his BC was fraudulent.

KEITHMILES05 3 years ago

She is a total nutcase who needs to be put out to the pasture. This is absolute abuse of time, money, and the court. It's been establish MANY times alreadyby the courts Obama is what he is...........a citizen of this country. So sad we have "intelligent" yahoos wanting to be taken serious. Laughable!

Gregory Newman 3 years ago

ask her why does she hang out in the red light district close to UC berkeley since she knows so much

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

There is a great sum paid for silence...but always on a two-way street. If you have information, you may spill it...and/or allow drip off the counter and be lost in the carpet of landlords.

emmy2500025 3 years ago

John McCain was born in Panama, and i do not mean in the canal zone. Nobody complained about that. Then again he is white. Asking for President's Obama's 'papers' to me, is like asking a free black man for his papers back in the 1800's. It is so sad to me that people that are my friends are so easily swayed that they view YouTube videos as 'Serious Research' and the latest fear mongering email as 'Gospel Fact'. There isn't enough room to post here about a news story here in my own city where one channel reported the rumors, and another reported the actual story, and another reported on the station that reported the rumors.

If putting Obama in the White House was a conspiracy, couldn't the conspirators have come up with a better name than Barrack Hussein? Please leave your CONFIRMATION BIAS and AD HOMINEMS at the door and try, just try to avoid being confused by the facts. If you don't understand Confirmation Bias and Ad Hominems, please take a class in Logic and Critical Thinking, or at least read up on them before ignorantly replying to this post.

kuguardgrl13 3 years ago

In case you want to read up on our citizenship laws:

Regardless of whether Obama's father was a naturalized citizen or a resident alien, assuming his mother was indeed born in Kansas, that automatically makes Obama a citizen. Done deal.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 3 years ago

Sometimes, grasping at straws is a wish to suck sugar and carbonation. It's corrosive and unhealthy. You're talking about the PRESIDENT of the United States of America! So who messed up in the last election and why were you not able to do diddly squat about it then? And NOW? Also... Do you have NO respect for the office? Are you more inclined to sabotage these United States than to carry on? Why do the rePUBtardDERZ protest now more than then? Do you really expect the populace to believe that it takes five or so years to determine whether someone can be president? You are as ridiculous as your vomiting mouth of ill-examined claims. Are you a lawyer? Are you a Supreme Court Justice? Are you an idiotic regurgitator of the filth of shrill silly shill will? Should any but idiots, entertain the outrage of your ignorance? I think not.

jonas_opines 3 years ago

I remember looking this information up back when this story first started going, and found that. Then I found the original circulating email claiming illegitimacy based on those rulings, as debunked (poorly) by snopes. The original email flat lied about what is written.

They changed:

"The parents are married at the time of birth and the U.S. citizen parent had been physically present in the U.S. or its territories for a period of at least five years at some time in his or her life prior to the birth, of which at least two years were after his or her 14th birthday."

to, "residing in the US at least 10 years, at least five of which were after his or her 16th birthday", because then his mother wasn't approved, as she left at like 17 and gave birth to him at 18. Details are a little fuzzy now, but I remember finding all the necessary dates, and he would qualify, regardless of where he was born.

It's rather sad how disinformation catches on so easily when it plays to what people want to believe. It's not limited to birther idiots either. Any of you ever seen the supposed Reagan quote: "They (the Taliban) are the equivalent of America's Founding Fathers"? Yeah, he didn't say the Taliban (hence the parenthetical addition), because he wasn't talking about the Taliban, or indeed anyone in Afghanistan at all. He was referencing the Nicaraguan rebels, and while that might be a story of its own, its certainly not as gripping of one as the lie tried to make it seem in our current world situation.

jonas_opines 3 years ago

Anyway, I suspect this is popping up again now because a lot of Republicans are realizing that, much like the Dems in 2004, they were handed a race that a child should have been able to win, but the Republicans, it seems, now have a good chance of losing.

And in the event that they do, I rather expect the party of personal responsibility is going to continue to blame the media, leftist conspiracies, gullible Americans, the 47% etc, rather than, ya'know, taking responsibility for the loss that they will truly have earned, all on their own.

Clevercowgirl 3 years ago

I am so tired of watching political analysts on t.v. likening any jackankle politico move to something that that would occur in Kansas.

shotgun 3 years ago

Trying to keep "The President of the United States of America", a Democrat, off the ballot in Kansas, is like picking out a better deck chair on The Titanic. Yet another "shining" moment for Kansas. You would think that these knuckleheads would use their energy to focus on a solution to our problems, rather than block a candidate form being on the ballot in a place where he has no chance of winning. Talk about simple thinking!

georgeofwesternkansas 3 years ago

The democrat party is behind this.

At this point in time it obvious that Obama is the only one who will benefit from this type of action.

jonas_opines 3 years ago


If you find a democrat party conspiracy more palatable as the truth than certain right-leaning (or perhaps, right-tilted, or even right-fallen) public figures are appalling idiots and/or selfish, self-driven attention w@#res, then I suppose that is your prerogative.

But I think you give the Democrats, who I think would often have trouble acting themselves out of a wet paper bag, a little too much credit here.

But there Are a few other people that would benefit from this. Orly Taitz and Kobach themselves come to mind, because they get more attention. Sure, it's at a potential detriment to the Republican Party and Conservative America as seen by public perception, but I think you're fooling yourself if you think that either give a damned about that, at least when they weigh it against their own personal benefit.

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