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100 years ago: Local ‘camera bug’ to film KU games for Kansas movie theaters

September 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 20, 1912:

  • "The people of Kansas who cannot come to Lawrence this fall to witness the big contests on the McCook gridiron need not be deprived of this pleasure. Nelson Stevens, a local camera bug, has closed a deal with Manager Hamilton whereby he will film all of the big games on McCook field this year. These films will be sent all over the state and will be displayed in the motion picture theaters. Many a K.U. man's home folks will recognize him this fall and winter during a great game in progress on the screen.... All the details of a big collegiate contest will be snapped and thrown on the screen at the movie house. There will be the teams lining up for the battle, individual players, brilliant plays, long punts and the cheering, rooting multitude in the bleachers. The big Missouri-Kansas game is to receive the most careful attention and Mr. Stevens is planning to make this one of this best films. If it is a good day he is planning to film the entire contest. This would indeed be a feature picture in any show in Kansas, especially should the Jayhawkers succeed in the tail-twisting stunt."
  • "The merchants are taking great interest in the Douglas County Fair and they have practically agreed to close their stores on one afternoon during next week and generally suspend business for the benefit of the Fair. This evening a meeting of the Merchants Association will be held at the Association rooms and the matter discussed.... A large majority of the stores will have displays in the different buildings, and some of them will be very elaborate."
  • "Are you going to decorate your machine for the parade on automobile day? The Automobile club has asked all its members to decorate their cars and get into the parade on Friday afternoon. The cars will probably form on Vermont street in the 700 block coming east on Winthrop [Seventh] to Massachusetts then south to Quincy [11th] and east to the Fair Grounds. Every machine owner will be given a number and will form in rotation. These numbers will also admit them to the Fair free."
  • "The world's baseball championship series will begin October seventh according to the date said to have been tentatively agreed upon by the National Commission. The date is based on the assumption that the series will be between the New York Nationals and the Boston Americans. An early date is desired as the commission desired to take advantage of the good weather."


Tyson Travis 5 years, 8 months ago

Would like to see some of those filmed in old McCook field ten years before Memorial Stadium was built nearby...but I imagine the old nitrate prints have decomposed long ago, just like the ones of Lawrence taken around then.

Sarah St. John 5 years, 8 months ago

I imagine so. But what fun for 1912 theater audiences across Kansas to see parts of the games. What a long way from this date up until ESPN, livestreaming, and getting score updates on our phones!

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