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September 17, 2012


Keegan Jack Han, 28, Lawrence, and Amy Priscilla Wilson, 33, Lawrence.

Nate Powell Scott, 28, Bonner Springs, and Kelli Lynne Sutley, 30, Bonner Springs.

Caleb Matthew Stephens, 23, Lawrence, and Sierra Quinn Pryce, 23, Lawrence.

David Wain Bach, 63, Lawrence, and Julie Kay Bramschreiber, 60, Lawrence.

Jackob Moskovitz, 51, Lawrence, and Marina Pery, 34, Lawrence.

Derek Shannon Berry, 25, Lawrence, and Emily Alice Williamson, 25, Lawrence.

Lyle Lee Oliver, 66, Gallatin, Mo., and Connie Lee Pelham, 65, Lawrence.

Matthew Richard Miller, 29, Eudora, and Maggie Janelle Renfrow, 29, Eudora.

Benjamin Thomas Custer, 47, Olathe, and Lynda Kaye Mechels, 52, Olathe.

Jeffrey Kendall Ward, 29, Lawrence, and Elise Kay Farrell Higgins, 24, Lawrence.

Matthew Jordan Etzel, 25, Lawrence, and Alix Renee Rieman, 24, Lawrence.

Johnathan Duane Rajewski, 27, Lawrence, and Darcy Annette Montague, 27, Lawrence.

Seth Carl Ramsey, 31, Gardner, Kathleen Marie Soutar, 28, Gardner.

David Charles Owens, 30, Lawrence, and Amber Marie Lord, 27, Lawrence.

Kevin Wendell Swain, 48, Lawrence, and Lori Ellen Wood, 45, Lawrence.

Pascual Francisco Domingo, 20, Topeka, and Veronica Alvarez, 18, Topeka.

Warren Dwaine Lampe, 57, Lawrence, and Theresa Marcel Schwartz, 59, Lawrence.

Samuel Wiliam Platt, 44, Linwood, and Rebecca Sue Moody, 40, Linwood.

Denver Scott Porter, 27, Lawrence, and Melissa Doranne Sigler, 29, Lawrence.

Erik Thomas Deddens, 23, Lawrence, and Esterenia Rika Armanto, 23, Lawrence.

Terry Jackson Staab, 38, Lawrence, and Denna Rae Cottrell, 29, Lawrence.

Jesse Otis Wiggins, 29, Eudora, and Allison McMackin, 30, Eudora.


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