100 years ago: A reminder for fashion-conscious men: No straw hats after Sept. 15!

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 14, 1912:

  • “The man who ventures out on the streets after tonight with a straw hat on is in danger of being hauled before the bar of judgment and made to explain his conduct. September first is the legal limit for the wearing of the summer lid but owing to the hot weather that prevailed at that time Mayor Bishop extended a reprieve for two weeks. That two weeks expires tonight and hereafter the felt skypiece and the cap will hold forth. Mayor Bishop has issued special orders to the police department that no mercy must be shown offenders of this decree and Marshal Meyers has made it known that he will see that the rule is observed to the letter. It’s ‘goodbye’ to the straw hat. It was a useful article in its time but that time has passed and the cooler variety of headpiece must occupy its place in the attic.”
  • “At last the rain clouds have been uncorked and the earth given such a soaking that it seems certain that the heat wave is really broken at last. It took the elements a long time to get around to where any great amount of moisture fell but this morning J. Pluvius opened up in such a manner that the heat was completely put to rout. According to the official figures the rainfall measured 1.48 inches…. The thermometer was on the decline this morning and recorded this coolest temperature of the month at 7 o’clock this morning. At that time the thermometer had dropped to 63 degrees.”
  • “Lawrence is on the aviation map again. This time it is Lincoln Beachy the famous eastern aviator who would give Lawrence an exhibition of the aerial navigation. The Curtis Exhibition company of New York is booking Beachy over the country and is asking for a date in Lawrence…. Beachy is a real aviator. He has been flying all over the east with great success. One of his most daring feats was a flight under the Brooklyn bridge. Beachy is a clever aviator and Lawrence will be fortunate if he is to come here.”
  • “C. W. Brown paid $1.50 on subscription to the Journal-World Thursday night and the one waiting upon him failed to get his address. Will Mr. Brown kindly furnish same so proper credit may be given.”