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100 years ago: Rain raises hopes, but fails to bring cooler weather

September 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 11, 1912:

  • "Jupiter Pluvius missed an excellent opportunity last night to break the hot weather spell that has been scorching this section of the country for the last few weeks. There were plenty of clouds to have flooded things, but the custodian of waters allowed but a quarter of an inch to fall upon the parched earth. The sun soon wiped away all signs of this early in the morning and the thermometer started skyward again.... The rain came up shortly after midnight and for a while it seemed that the earth was in for a good soaking that would bring about some decent September weather. But after the wind had blown and the lightning flashed and incidentally a little moisture had fallen the storm moved on, leaving conditions but little changed."
  • "Merle Thorpe, the head of the journalism department at the university, returned yesterday after spending the summer in the east. He says that he had a fine outing and gained 16 pounds in weight. Leaving Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe went to Montreal and it was from a Canadian point that they began their walk of one hundred and twenty-five miles which took them through the White Mountains. The longest walk made in any one day was twenty-three miles, but the scenery was so beautiful and the air so exhilarating that they made the distance without any great inconvenience."
  • "C. F. Trout who lives near Vinland stated this morning that off of 1 1/2 acres of onions he had pulled over 810 bushels of sets and on another acre acre he expected to get about 600 bushels of seeds. And on account of his big crop the neighbors have nicknamed him the Onion King of Kansas."
  • "A new lighting system is being installed at the University library. Individual incandescent bulbs are being placed at the reading tables. It is thought that this will be a great improvement over the former system."


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