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Teacher honor

Everyone remembers their kindergarten teacher, and so will the students in Lauren Mitchell’s Kennedy School class.

September 10, 2012


It sounds like Lauren Mitchell deserves more than a $250 check.

Hopefully, she also gets some hugs and a lot of “thank yous” from her students and their parents.

Lauren is in her second year as a kindergarten teacher at Kennedy School. Last week, she was honored as the winner of the Lawrence school district’s Horizon Award, which is given to young teachers who show extraordinary promise. In nominating Mitchell, Kennedy Principal Cris Anderson said, “She inspires her fellow colleagues and goes the extra mile in sharing new and innovative teaching strategies.” School Superintendent Rick Doll described her as a “natural” teacher.

Even if you’re a “natural,” teaching is a hard job that takes a lot of thought and preparation. Too many young teachers are frustrated by a lack of support, recognition and monetary reward for the important job they do.

We offer our congratulations to Lauren and our best wishes for a long and satisfying teaching career. The monetary awards may not match the importance of the job you do, but everyone remembers their kindergarten teacher. You do make a difference.


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