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Ottawa man jailed in Missouri uses eyeglasses to cut his throat

September 10, 2012


— Authorities say a northeast Kansas man is dead after using his eyeglasses to cut his throat while jailed in western Missouri.

The Kansas City Star reported that Eugene A. Hilliard was unresponsive when a deputy found him Saturday morning at the Clay County Detention Center. Sheriff Bob Boydston says the 46-year-old Ottawa, Kan., man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hilliard is suspected of breaking a portion of his eyeglasses. The initial report is that he created a sharp edge by rubbing the glasses on the concrete wall or floor.

Hilliard had been in the detention center since Tuesday. He was moved to a segregated cell after other inmates learned he was being held on first-degree statutory sodomy charges.

Boydston says Hilliard showed no signs of depression.


password 1 year, 7 months ago

can't see the first comment - but it must have been stupid or out right mean.


consumer1 1 year, 7 months ago

THis man (poster) has done what he believes is right according to his beliefs. Is mocking him considered right, according to your belierf system? If it is, shame on you. And shame on me for mocking I have done and may do again. His belief system teaches him to try and be the best person he/she can be. Can the same be said about your beliefs?


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