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100 years ago: Duck hunters reminded of state laws

September 4, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 4, 1912:

  • "The duck season opened yesterday. According to laws of the State of Kansas hunters can kill this game bird from now until the first of April, although as yet there are none to shoot. It might be well for hunters to familiarize themselves with this law as it has so many catch provisions about shooting from motor boats, while on the water, with decoys, etc., etc. There are few ducks around yet, according to hunters, for the flight southward has not begun. The ducks are not apt to be around here very thick until it gets somewhat cooler. Frost has been reported in Iowa and some northern states and this may send some ducks here.... Hunters should remember three things, however: You must have a hunting license, you must have written permission to shoot on land not your own, and many judges have decided hunting licenses are not good on Sunday."
  • "Yesterday's rain was accompanied by a severe electrical storm that broke down a number of trees in town, struck a street car and set fire to two barns in the country, burning both of the latter to the ground. But it is believed that the heat wave which has been oppressing this part of the country for the last two weeks is now broken and that summer is over.... The losers in yesterday's storm in Douglas county were William Schaake, who lives east on the Eudora road, and John Meyers, 3 miles west on the California road. At both places barns were struck, set on fire and burned to the ground. In both cases [they] were able to save practically all of the stock in the barns but other property was lost.... The lightning struck a barn on the Bert Place farm and tore quite a hole in one side of it, but no fire resulted. A silo belonging to Seth Fenton blew down during the storm.... Much damage was done in Pomona and Wellsville and in Quenemo.... Only meager reports can be secured over the demoralized telephone service."
  • "Ten rural mail carriers out of Lawrence will be affected by the recent post office appropriation passed at the last session of Congress. This bill raises the salaries of all carriers on standard routes $100 per year. Instead of $1,000 per year these carriers will now receive $1,100."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 9 months ago

Oh the thought of duck hunting again, bring back good memories when ducks were using this area as there flyway. Build a blind out of willows and set in the cold and wait for the birds to come by, then walk or wade out into the ole Kaw and pick up your prizes.Fun times, thanks Miss Srah.

Sarah St. John 5 years, 9 months ago

"It's duck season!" "No, it's wabbit season!"

Still one of my favorites!!

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