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100 years ago: KU professor: Four conditions lead to juvenile delinquency

September 1, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 1, 1912:

  • "Bad boys are the result of four distinct conditions that exist in their early life, according to Prof. A. W. Trettein of the school of education of Kansas University. Prof. Trettein has just recently concluded some extensive investigations at the Industrial School at Topeka from which he has derived some interesting facts regarding the incorrigibles sent from over the state to that school.... The first class is composed of boys who have not been property fed and clothed, and who have been stunted in their growth as a result of this. In the second class are boys who were brought up in unwholesome social positions. The third is composed of those who have lost the social, ethical, moral and religious senses. They are devoid of the finer senses of feeling. The fourth class is decidedly in the minority. In this class are boys who are intellectually weak. There are only a few in this class and it is to the others that most of the attention is being paid.... In the first case the boys must be given plenty of nourishment so that their stunted minds and bodies can grow strong. They should have plenty of exercise at the same time. This will make sound, healthy bodies and remove the desire to commit crime. In the second class the patients should be kept away from all suggestions of unwholesome society. This will not give opportunity for the carrying out of false impulses. They should have plenty to do so that their energy will pass through their muscles and not be spent in dissipation. The third class is considered the most difficult. Patients in this class should be handled with stern hands and in a cold businesslike way. They should be taught that society is not dangerous as they seem to fear."
  • "The veterans of '56 are making plans for their annual reunion which is to be held on Saturday, September 14. Every year this is a big occasion with the members of the organization of pioneer settlers of Lawrence. This organization was formed in Lawrence thirteen years ago and reunions have been held annually since then. [The group] includes all residents of the town who settled here prior to September 14, 1856. These are the people who fought the early battles of the city and who laid the foundations of what is now one of the best cities in the state."
  • "At a meeting of the Fair Association this afternoon the question of a place for tying teams at the grounds was brought up. It was agreed that the present arrangements at the park were not satisfactory and a committee was appointed to look after improving them. It is intended that the farmers shall have plenty of room to tie their horses and take care of them inside the grounds. Space for automobiles will also be arranged."


yourworstnightmare 5 years, 4 months ago

How is this different from modern psychology?

Paul R Getto 5 years, 4 months ago

Still the same Issues we have fought for thousands of years.

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