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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

October 30, 2012, 12:00 a.m. Updated October 30, 2012, 5:26 p.m.


Deon Rhoutt escaped from a prisoner transport van Monday evening. He&squot;s 5&squot;5", about 140 pounds.

Deon Rhoutt escaped from a prisoner transport van Monday evening. He's 5'5", about 140 pounds.

Less than 24 hours after an escape from a prison transport van in Lawrence, a convicted Colorado sex offender is back in custody.

Deon Gregory Routt, 22, was spotted by police on foot patrol at about 3 p.m. Tuesday near 12th and Indiana streets.

Routt, who escaped from a prisoner transportation van Monday night, fled when officers attempted to contact him. Routt was arrested and sustained minor injuries following a two-block foot pursuit. He was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital before being transported to Douglas County Jail, McKinley said.

On Monday at around 5:30 p.m., Routt escaped from a prisoner transport van after the vehicle had stopped near 23rd and Louisiana streets.

Police spent several hours searching the nearby area but were unable to find Routt Monday or Tuesday morning.

Repeated calls from the Journal-World were not returned Monday evening, and police first sent out a news release about the incident Tuesday morning.

McKinley said Routt was being transported by Topeka-based Security Transport Services from Virginia back to Colorado. Routt had failed to register as a sex offender, and was arrested on a warrant issued by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman.

Routt was convicted in 2011 of sexually assaulting a child in Colorado, but the crime occurred when Routt was a juvenile and additional information about the conviction was not available.

At least two employees from Security Transport Services were present during the escape, McKinley said. It’s unclear whether Routt had been shackled or handcuffed.

According to Security Transport Services’ website, the company is “one of the largest independent prisoner transport companies. Established in 1990, STS transports over 2 million miles annually, servicing all 50 states.”

The Journal-World was unable to reach a representative for the company Tuesday.


David Holroyd 3 years ago

If no information was released to the media how did the media know to write about escaped subject? Telepathy? And in custody as well!

Fatty_McButterpants 3 years ago

Please, tell me that you're not asking this as a serious question.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

Subject may have been accompanied by a predicate with the assistance of two adjectives. That is all.

maisy 3 years ago

Employees with LJWorld listen to police scanners. Someone is always listening to it so they can be on top of the story. This is not an assumption, it is fact.

Food_for_Thought 3 years ago

If this is true, they seem to miss an awful lot of stories.

asixbury 3 years ago

They probably don't miss the stories but choose not to run them.

asixbury 3 years ago

Why? They can't run everything. Not all police new is worthy of putting in the paper. There are many reasons behind every decision of what to run and equally as to what not to run.

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

Considering this guy escaped into Dolph Simon's neighborhood, you'd think that someone would have put something from those police scanners in the paper. Dolph has a big house - could be hiding there.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

We live in that area and our neighborhood web was buzzing last night with a lot of lock your doors, and turn on all outside lights. It would have been nice if they had kept us informed. I suppose if we had been closer to campus they would have alerted everyone and locked down everything.

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

Right there with you tomatogrower. Nothing in the LJWorld last night, nor on the 10 pm news.

Food_for_Thought 3 years ago

Here's a novel idea - lock your doors and turn on your outside lights every night. Criminals and boogiemen are lurking about all the time!

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

Food_for_Thought: Many people walk in the evenings in that neighborhood, and the lack of adequate lighting puts many people at potential risk. No need to be sarcastic. 5:30 pm isn't exactly "night", and I would be willing to bet that most of the neighbors do lock their doors and windows at night.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

We do lock our doors at night, but we also take out trash, especially since Tuesday is our trash day. We walk dogs. We go visit neighbors. We don't live in bunkers.

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

Well, I did not see this guy this morning when I was walking my dog. Tomatogrower, I have enjoyed watching your tomatoes grow this year. I will be sorry to see them fall to the frost.

Munsoned 3 years ago

As a parent, I find the lack of information provided insulting. This could be a violent offender and we are sending our kids to school without any information. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Topple 3 years ago

I agree. Sounds to me like they preferred not to publicize their screw-up even though it may have put people in danger.

Topple 3 years ago

If you Google police scanner or police radio you can find a website that streams live police radio in DG county.

Shaun Hittle 3 years ago

p> has worked well for me. Or if you have a smart phone, 5-0 Police ap.

Shaun LJW

skinny 3 years ago

The LJWorld has never reported the local news. This is nothing new. If you want to know what is going on read the KCStar or CJOnline.

friendlyjhawk 3 years ago

The ego of the above posters (in their anonymous state) is very sad. When you do get news you make rude comments about the police, the people involved and the spelling used in the article. Actually the police and LJW owe you nothing unless you are in immediate danger. LJW loves the attention they receive because it means someone is reading their poor excuse for a paper!

parrothead8 3 years ago

How did the police let this happen? He was being transported from Virginia to Colorado by a private security service. Try reading and, more importantly, comprehending the article.

jafs 3 years ago

According to an e-mail from somebody who lives in the neighborhood we're talking about, private security firms that transport prisoners often don't have their paperwork together when they leave.

They said that's common, according to a sheriff's department.

It's absurd, and disturbing - we should definitely make sure they have all of the paperwork completed and correct before leaving, so we know what's going on immediately if somebody escapes.

Otherwise, the local law enforcement may not even be able to find out exactly who escaped for a while.

Gotta love that high quality of private firms involved in this sort of thing.

Bursting 3 years ago

yea they owe us nothing, not like we pay their salary with taxes and purchases or anything....

Food_for_Thought 3 years ago

Cops pay taxes too. So do criminals. Your point?

jafs 3 years ago

I believe the point is that some of us don't agree that police "owe you nothing unless you are in immediate danger", as the above poster commented.

And, if there's a dangerous guy on the loose in your neighborhood, we'd like to know about it.

Munsoned 3 years ago

I cannot help but notice that you are also anonymous. And you are also reading this "poor excuse for a paper". Are you actually defending the info provided to the public regarding an escaped prisoner?

JackMcKee 3 years ago

Still nothing on the Sherriff's blockade of Clinton Dam Road yesterday. Great journalism LJW.

Shaun Hittle 3 years ago

We'll have something up on that soon. There was a body found but no crime committed.

Shaun LJW

tomatogrower 3 years ago

A simple message to LJWorld that the guy is just a pothead who has never been dangerous, so don't worry would have been nice. No news isn't always good news. If you don't like to be informed, don't read the paper, talk to your neighbors or read news online. I like to know what's going on in my community, especially my specific neighborhood.

jafs 3 years ago

What are the many ways that potheads are dangerous?

And, if you don't want to pay because of drug use, you should support legalization, which would stop us from paying massive amounts of taxes to catch, try and incarcerate them.

Why should alcohol and cigarettes be legal while pot and other drugs are illegal?

parrothead8 3 years ago

All the potheads I've known are dangerous.

To a bag of Doritos.

jafs 3 years ago

Well, given the information that's been added, it looks like this guy is in fact dangerous - he's a registered sex offender.

Terri Ferguson 3 years ago

Wow. what an ignorant thing to say. I happen to live on REDBUD. It is sad to see people as ignorant as yourself to make such a broad statement about SOMETHING you obviously know NOTHING about. Redbud isn't near as bad as far as police and Ambulance calls as other roads here in Lawrence. See the Map of Calls : .For some reason the media has decided to continually print about Redbud the most. SAD indeed.

Bursting 3 years ago

This guy was probably the same one I saw trying to get into locked cars in the New Hampshire parking garage last night. I called 911 and cops didn't show up for over 10 minutes to a downtown parking garage 2 blocks from their station, the operator sent them to a different "parking lot" they said? How do you confuse "New Hampshire parking garage" with any other parking place in this town dispatcher????

bring_JOHN_BROWN_back 3 years ago

from the scanner last night......He was a convicted child rapist that was on his way to Colorado...he slipped his cuffs....5' 5" Code 3 (Black male) with black sweat pants and a blue stripped sweater. It was quite exciting to hear all the drama, but at the same time a let down they couldn't find the dude.

jafs 3 years ago

This doesn't give one a lot of confidence in private security firms, does it?

hyperinflate 3 years ago

Nor in outsourcing critical public functions to the private sector. Yes, I know the free-market-howlers will say that this will put a dent in the company's value, etc., etc., etc. But let's face it, if this were an official government prisoner transport they would have ENSURED that all procedures were followed, even if it cost more.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

Next time, put him under the jail. Problem solved.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

Private security, right. I wonder what he offered them to look the other way? I bet they get paid a whole lot less than public workers, and have no retirement. You think there is corruption with some police, you haven't seen anything yet. The company might try and hire honest hard working people who can't be bribed to prevent the problem, but they sure aren't going to get company loyalty from anyone. That doesn't exist too many places anymore.

Getaroom 3 years ago

Willard would just privatize it all and we could expect more of the same, like he would disaster relief! Whoopie, It's the Free Market taking care of hurricanes gone wild!

Vote Obama and be done with Willard the Mitt who made 15 + million off the bailout and is now wagging his hypocritical finger at the President about it.
Read all about it!!!

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

The preceding was a desperate political statement by a desperate disappointed progressive. (from a source)

Kendall Simmons 3 years ago

I doubt it :-)

Two typos do not make a correct spelling :-)

orbiter 3 years ago

"Proof read"? Maybe you should PROOFREAD before you complain that others should, oh language master.

average 3 years ago

As an aside on the matter of scanners, Lawrence and Douglas County, like almost all law enforcement agencies, are in the process of changing from scanner-listenable clear radio frequencies to encrypted digital transmissions. The era of listening in to the cops on a $50 scanner is nearly over. While there are privacy concerns with open transmissions, scanner listeners have been a small but real check on the police over the years.

julz 3 years ago

Article says "Deon" but photo says "Dean" - which is it?

also, "the intersection" is missing from second sentence

irvan moore 3 years ago

we live about 8 blocks from there and have noticed a lot of police cars cruising the neighborhood so it appears they are making a serious effort to catch him

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

My guess is he is camped out along the ditch which runs along the open cross country field at Haskell. How many feet is that away from Broken Arrow and South?

average 3 years ago

That would be a good spot, but not one you'd necessarily find by stumbling if you don't have any knowledge of the area. He did the crime in Colorado, was a fugitive in Maine, no connection (AFAIK) to Kansas, so it's not like he's going to exactly know the best hiding spots in rural Douglas County.

In his shoes, my first steals would be some cash and an active cell phone (call some buddies... if he has anyone willing to drive to Kansas and get him). I guess cash could get you a prepaid phone if nobody recognized you buying it. But, if you have a conspicuously-missing phone in SE Lawrence today, you might consider reporting the number.

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

The field is easily visible and accessible from the neighborhood - one quick jump over the fence across from Simon's and a quick scamper across a parking lot.

James Minor 3 years ago

A child rapist!!! I wonder how far he could run if the groin was removed??? Criminals like that should wear special clothing like pink so everyone will know who they are.

James Minor 3 years ago

The LJW stated he sexually assualted a juvenille. In some dictionaries a juvenille is referred to as a child. But going along with your point we all know the legal system works for those who have money. Getting caught in a case like this with no money and maybe no family to back you sometimes equals jail time. Vote for Mitt on November 8th and he will insure the rich continue to prosper and the middle class join the poor!!!!

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

Not to ask a silly question, but why was the transport company going through town? Seems like the most direct route would have been to catch I-70 and stay on it.

jafs 3 years ago

They stopped to get something to eat, apparently. I wonder why they don't transport people during the daylight hours, so they're easier to find if they get away?

HutchSaltHawk 3 years ago

There are other restaurants closer to I-70.

jafs 3 years ago

I hadn't seen what their trip was when I made the comment - I thought they were just transporting some folks locally.

And, having heard from somebody that the sheriff's department says these firms routinely don't have their paperwork together before they leave, I think we should make sure they do that, so we can find out immediately exactly what's happening, instead of having to wait.

Bottom line - I want prisoners not to escape while being transported - do you disagree?

And, if they do manage to escape, I want them caught quickly and easily, without any innocent folks getting hurt.

average 3 years ago

'Van', as opposed to car, and 'stopped to check on a prisoner', suggests to me that there may have been more than one transportee. Conceivably even one picked up or dropped off at the Douglas County Jail off of K-10, which would be a reason to be at 23rd and Louisiana.

whats_going_on 3 years ago

You know you've hit rock bottom when you try to turn a story like this into your own political garbage.

Stuart Sweeney 3 years ago

Since the states are big on outsourcing work like this instead of doing it theirselves, is the private security firm going to pay for all the man hours of the local police to clean up their mess?

riverdrifter 3 years ago

And run for your life The man is back in town

Naw, this loser is now out of town.

chasler2001 3 years ago

Just got him at 11th and Mississippi. Looked like every cop in town. In custody.

nekansan 3 years ago

Nice job by the LPD!

Looks like "Security Transport Services guarantees all transports will be completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations promulgated by Federal, State and Local authorities."

"STS carries $6 Million dollars in liability insurance which protects your agency from incidents that might occur during transportation."

So I'm guessing they will be writing a check to the City for all the manpower that was required to capture this child molesting dirtbag!

Kat Christian 3 years ago

How utterly incompentant for two grown men to allow this kid to escape. Ever heard of a safety lock on the van door that prevent it from being opened inside. DUH! What the heck were these two bimbos thinking or doing for that matter to allow this to happen. What if it was a serial killer, much less a pediphile. People need to get their act together and do their job they've commited to do and stop being so lazy. Pay attention!

somebodynew 3 years ago

sunshine - you are making an assumption that it was two grown men. This place also uses women, so it could be either. And if you think this company is doing anything other than cheapest possible, you have never dealt or seen them.

somebodynew 3 years ago

OH, and I do agree with nekansan that the insurance company should be writing a large check to the City. They spent a fortune in OT for this and it most likely could have been prevented.

Ashley White 3 years ago

Im just glad they caught this guy. I didnt like stepping out on my porch to see 3-5 police cars just in one spot. Then they decided to light up the bridge on 13th. Where I live, thats right around the corner. It was pretty scary I was waiting for the police to knock on my door to inform me of what was going on.

jaywalker 3 years ago

"As a parent, I find the lack of information provided insulting. This could be a violent offender and we are sending our kids to school without any information. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!"

As a parent it might be wise NOT to rely on an online news source to protect your children on the way to school. For the love......

Munsoned 3 years ago

Yeah, okay. I wrote the comment in haste and my point was lost. Thank you for the advice. I made myself an aluminum hat and got myself a police scanner app.

bearded_gnome 3 years ago

McKinley said Routt was being transported by Topeka-based Security Transport Services from Virginia back to Colorado. Routt had failed to register as a sex offender, and was arrested on a warrant issued by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman.

---maybe 'security' shouldn't be their first name now?

glad they caught this guy, good going LPD! you guys rock!

Rick Aldrich 3 years ago

I drive up Louisiana street every day going to work and pass south Jr. high and the grade school. and it's shocking how many little (2nd-5th grade kids walking without any adults around at all. and now it's dark still about 6:45-7:00 am and their even walking alone in the dark. make up all the excuses in the world but the parents of those children are CARELESS IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! you wouldn't have a clue if your child went missing until about mid day or later. and those people call themselves good parents. Common Sense goes along ways. that poor young girl in Colorado was let to walk alone for only 3 blocks. now she's gone and her poor mother has to live with the decision she made in letting her walk those 3 blocks alone.

Kendall Simmons 3 years ago

Considering that 90% of molesters know the victim, perhaps your concern is in the wrong place?

You're literally saying that 10 year olds cannot walk three blocks by themselves because of a tragedy in Colorado? old do you think kids have to be? How about 11? 12? 13? 14? 15? Exactly when do you think your child can walk 3 blocks without an adult.

Sorry, but overreacting doesn't help anyone.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

Are you implying that it's the mother's fault? It's only one person's fault. The man who killed her. Kids and adults should be free to walk around their own neighborhoods.

jafs 3 years ago


But, we live in an imperfect world, and it is in our own best interests to be careful and mindful.

Loretta Ybarra 3 years ago

As I walked my dog Monday night down Vermont, there were two police cars in front of Dolph Simon's house and one parked closer to 23rd. Three police cars and not one of them stopped me to say why or to be careful. Found out what was going on through TWITTER! Happy to know you have to be a millionaire to get protection and notification by LPD! Called my elderly neighbors myself, since I value their lives as much LPD do the rich.

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