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Scary story contest high school runner up: Caleb Woodard

October 29, 2012


I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon

When I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me.

I felt the breath climbing up my spine with spears of icy chills

The cold blade to my throat, he said take the pills

Fear in my mind, I did as he said without my own will

My eyelids grew shut as I couldn’t feel to stand

I wake on a table, stained with the blood of his old victims

Paralyzed with fear I look and see the masked man

I try to move and squirm but he has tied me down

I cry out for god but there is no answer

He moves closer to me with the bloody axe

As he slowly cuts into me I shed the tears of my broken life

The blood gushes on to the table

I feel my life leaving me, cursed

I will now forever haunt this world and torture the weak

— Caleb Woodard is a Free State High School freshman.


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