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Scary story contest elementary school runner up: Marian Frick

Bella’s Ghost”

October 29, 2012


I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon when I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me. With a knife in her neck, and ripped school clothes on, floating there in front of me was my sister, Bella.

My name is Brent, and a year ago my sister mistakenly tripped on a stick on the sidewalk. Sadly, her neck fell into a knife.

I felt as if I was dying that very moment as she said to me, “Come and follow me.” I kept walking, but she called out again and said, “Come and follow me.” Terrified, I stood there trying not to look at her. She called out, “Come and be like me. It will be fun, both of us as ghosts.”

I replied, “No, Bella.”

Suddenly, leaves whirled around me. The sky turned purple, the ground turned to dust, and I felt like there was no more oxygen in the air.

Suddenly, the world around me was white. There was nothing. Even if you walked one million miles, there would still be nothing. Shortly, I heard a booming and crackling noise.

I ended up in the woods. What woods I will never know. Trees surrounded me, leaves were on the ground, and my insides felt like they were shrinking. The moon shone brightly in the sky, which I felt to be odd since it was only 3:45 p.m.

Feeling dizzy, I spun around. Seeing Bella in front of me shocked me, therefore I fell to the ground powerless. I shut my eyes due to the sudden fall. When I opened them, I saw Bella’s hand reach into her neck and she pulled out the knife. The knife was small, yet harmful and could wound badly. She took an aim for me. Thankfully, it landed a foot away from my stomach.

She screamed, “You should have done what I said to!”

I lifted myself up quickly. She aimed and threw another one only a few inches away as I was sprinting away from her. A fire pit was placed in my tracks. Quickly, Bella flew to me. A fire rose in my path with fames blowing higher than my head. I glanced into her eyes, which I found to be a mistake. Bella was hypnotizing me.

She said, “Come closer, Brent. Walk into the fire and be like me.”

I tried to turn away, but her power overtook me. I took two steps closer to the fire, but I didn’t want to.

“That’s it, come a little closer.”

My shirt was just about to catch on fire when I snapped out of her trance. I sprinted around the fire and stood behind Bella. With all my strength, I pushed her into the fire. “No, Bella!” I shouted. Watching her burn was dreadful but made me feel brave.

Nobody believed me when I told them what happened, but the story was only true to me.

— Marian Frick, 10, is a fifth-grader at St. John Catholic School.


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