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Enforcement action nets 16 seat belt violations, 1 arrest

October 29, 2012


Lawrence police officers issued 16 seat belt violations Friday evening as part of an ongoing seat belt enforcement action funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation, said Lawrence police Sgt. Trent McKinley.

During the action, officers stopped a total of 18 motorists driving near 19th and Kentucky streets. During one attempted stop, a driver fled from officers and threw drugs from their vehicle. Police later caught up to the vehicle and made an arrest on charges of drug possession and fleeing and eluding police, among other charges.

The seat belt enforcement program includes funding to pay five officers overtime for four hours, once per month. The program will continue for two years, McKinley said.


RoeDapple 3 years ago

18 tickets @ $10 and 0 court costs = $180mo. x 2yrs = $4,320

20hrs @ $28/hr (OT wages?) = $560mo. x 2yrs = $13,440

livinginlawrence 3 years ago

But then again, it doesn't seem like turning a profit is quite the end goal in this scenario.

HowardStern 3 years ago

What is the end game? $10 eighteen times over + pubilcity in the local town rag is not a deterrent effect.

bevy 3 years ago

Call me crazy - but wouldn't those officers be on the clock regardless of whether they were running this checkpoint or doing something else? How do you know it was OT and not their regular shift?

If this catches any of the morons (like my ex) who let their young children bounce around in the back seat without seatbelts or carseats, it's well worth the investment.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

"The seat belt enforcement program includes funding to pay five officers overtime for four hours, once per month. The program will continue for two years, McKinley said."

3 years ago

Are you sure a seatbelt violation is $10....that seems ridiculous? I have never heard of a ticket under $80. Not sure you're telling the truth Roe.

worden747 3 years ago

When they first started issuing tickets it was $100, and the driver was held responsible!! Now any passenger over the age of 18 will be fined!! Would think the ticket cost would have gone up so your math will be $100x18=$1800

webmocker 3 years ago

mindspeaking 1 hour, 55 minutes ago

Are you sure a seatbelt violation is $10....that seems ridiculous? I have never heard of a ticket under $80. Not sure you're telling the truth Roe.

Roe does not lie. See below.


PRIMARY ENFORCEMENT Front seat occupants of a passenger car who are 18 years of age or older can be cited for this violation. Beginning July 1, 2011, the fine is $10, and no court costs.

Each occupant of a passenger car 14 years of age but younger than 18 years of age in any seating position can be cited for this violation (KSA 8-2503(b). The fine is $60 and no court costs.

SECONDARY ENFORCEMENT: Back seat occupants of a passenger car 18 years of age or older can be cited for a seat belt violation only after another citation is issued (KSA 8-2503). Beginning July 1, 2011, the fine is $10 and no court costs.

Topple 3 years ago

I got a seat belt violation back around 2000 because I took my belt off before the officer approached my vehicle. I want to say it was like $30.

HowardStern 3 years ago

How about some enforcement for imprudently "following [the car in front of you] too close?" If you're going to ride me, at least buy me dinner and a drink first...

KHP and the yokel sheriffs are intent on writing radar tickets. Where's the "sport" in sitting on the side of the road with a radar gun in the window and not having developed an ability to determine a driver's vector/rate of speed?

Once it begins to rain again and the long days are void of light, the accident rate will increase and imprudent driving is COMPLICIT in a measurable fraction of these.

Yes, you... the mini-van driving, unemployed soccer dad texting at 90 mph with bad tires, a misalligned front end and no ability to drive offensively. Back off, guey.

gccs14r 3 years ago

The difference is that if you're not belted in a car, when you lose control the collateral damage is much higher than it is when you lose control of a motorcycle. It's not all about protecting you from yourself, at least part of it is about protecting the rest of us.

HowardStern 3 years ago

Again, where's the enforcement for "speed not prudent for conditions" aka following too close. Most of the numbskulls and monkeys in Larryville possess opposable thumbs but lack a prefrontal cortex. Just read the comments to any LJ article and you'll catch the drift.

Crazy_Larry 3 years ago

Love the vidya! "PULL OVER!" LMFAO! OMG, Thank you.

patkindle 3 years ago

traffic violations could be reduced alot more by the local paper simply publishing names, ages and addresses of everyone convicted. it makes great reading for the nickel noses, and people would watch thier step better than now.

kernal 3 years ago

I think they used to do that back in the old days as in the '60's and 70's. I know they published OUI's in the paper until late '80's or after.

riverdrifter 3 years ago

Them seat belt shirkers are a menace to society. Pillory them!

one2no 3 years ago

Hey you all have forgotten things ate getting better. The cables are up on K-10. I'm kinda hoping we will be able to see how they work in the next 30days. How we can start with the soccer Dad texting at 90. That will be a good one. That could be one of those that at 90 it will sling shot them back out onto the roadway.

Randall Barnes 3 years ago

$10.00 and zero court cost. i have a few tens just for the occasion because i choose to live.

Randall Barnes 3 years ago

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that seat belts are supposed to save lives and mitigate injury during traffic accidents by limiting a person's contact with the car's interior, preventing ejection from the vehicle, reducing deceleration force and concentrating crash forces to the strongest parts of a person's body. The 2006 National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) found that 45 percent of traffic fatalities occurred among those who did use seat belts. While seat belt use has unquestionably reduced traffic fatalities and injuries, there are problems with their design and use that can result in injury and death.

Clayton Kelly 3 years ago

yes the stats show seatbelts work, however i feel that it should be a choice just like the helmet law for motorcycles.... when i was 16 i was in a rollover accident where the kid next to me was decapitated and he WAS wearing his seatbelt and I wasn't, and I was told that saved my life.... sure I had some bad injuries and almost lost my arm but I survived and now refuse to wear a seatbelt and actually have a letter from a pshychiatrist so that I don't have to wear one..... waste of police manpower in my opinion....

CLARKKENT 3 years ago

Seat belt checks are well and good. Why do we never read about driving and TEXTING? Heck, why don't you give me the ticket book, as I see that happening daily? If you do not figure a way to stop that, somebody will be killed in Lawrence.

somedude20 3 years ago

The seat belt law is just a gateway drug to making bigger and better arrests while peeing on the Constitution

bliddel 3 years ago

I find it very disappointing to see here how many people unquestioningly support a violent police state. America is becoming more fascist every day, just like in Nazi Germany, where most people simply went with the flow, because they were promised increased "safety".

I'm not opposed to seatbelts. I wear mine whenever my car is in motion.

What I am opposed to is a "justice system" that is funded in part or in whole by stealing from the populace at the point of a gun. A cop says you weren't wearing your seatbelt. He asks you to step out of the car. You oblige, fearing being ripped out of your car and tasered, possibly to death. Now you have no proof of innocence, hence you are guilty. It does not matter if you were wearing your seatbelt. Pay, or be incarcerated and routinely strip searched, “for your protection”.

The fourth amendment has been relegated to irrelevance, because ignorant people have allowed "probable cause" to include driving an automobile.

BTW, seatbelts do not prevent accidents. Think about that for awhile.

gccs14r 3 years ago

If you're not wearing a seat belt, you're using your hands and feet to hold yourself in the seat instead of using them to control the vehicle. That's going to cause an accident and prevent recovery, endangering you, your passengers, and everyone around you.

Liberty275 3 years ago

If you are stopped by the cops for seat belt violation, do your best to keep the cop at the scene answering dumb question. Ask about how you can get involved with a neighborhood watch - anything to keep him from leaving, but be nice. If it costs $20 to write a $10 ticket, they'll get the idea soon enough and nose out of our lives a little more.

Every bit helps.

gccs14r 3 years ago

If stops take too long, they'll just hire more cops and raise the fines.

jafs 3 years ago

And, the idea that we should deliberately waste the police officers' time seems very odd, given:

  1. We're paying for it as taxpayers.
  2. If we think what they're doing isn't the most important thing, we should want them to do it quickly, so they can get back to more important ones.

Liberty275 3 years ago

Not if we cut taxes they won't.

gccs14r 3 years ago

How many schools do you want to close? How many Medicaid folks do you want to leave out on the street to die? Oh, that's right, all of them.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

I have quite a few fantastic cop stories, but I couldn't possibly publicize many of them here. Besides, there's a 3,000 character limit on this forum. I did write about a Kansas Bureau of Investigation traffic stop story in three segments, you can read about it here:

I left out a couple things though.

alittlecurious 3 years ago

Obviously a slow "speeding" day... er... a slow news day.

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