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100 years ago: Eudora’s Sunday peace disturbed by brawlers

October 28, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 28, 1912:

  • "The usual quiet Sunday afternoon atmosphere of the city of Eudora was rudely broken up yesterday afternoon by a brawl on the street which resulted in one man's suffering a badly cut jaw, and another being beaten about the head and at present being in the Douglas county jail at Lawrence. The disturbance occurred early in the afternoon. Clide Hughes and Will Combest are said to have been the participants in the brawl while Ed Deck was drawn into it later when it became necessary for the city marshal to call in assistance to arrest Hughes. He was brought to Lawrence and probably will be tried on a charge of assault. Hughes, who is a painter and lives in Eudora, is said to have attacked Combest with a knife and cut a severe gash in the latter's jaw. The action is said to have grown out of an argument over the fighting ability of a couple of dogs owned by these two men. Following the cutting it is alleged that Hughes went to his home. Here Deck broke into the affair. After being deputized by the city marshal, he went to the Hughes home and called on the man to come out. Hughes came to the door and Deck alleges that he made a motion as if to draw a gun from his hip pocket. Here Deck felled him with a blow from his club that rendered him unconscious. When Hughes revived he was brought to Lawrence."
  • "The people of the east are looking to the west in this great equal suffrage movement, according to Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Suffrage Association, who spoke here yesterday in behalf of the women of Kansas. If the west favors suffrage and adopts the amendment this year then the east will take it up. In four years every political party will adopt a plank favoring equal suffrage and legislation will be enacted at Washington which will make equal suffrage national. This, according to Miss Shaw, is the way in which suffrage is to become national. The west controls the fate of the movement in the United States at present."
  • "While driving north on Indiana street this morning, Jack Kelsey's buggy was hit by a south bound Indiana street car and turned over. Kelsey was thrown out and his left arm broken, the buggy was mashed, and the horse bruised. The accident was unavoidable as the car was coming at a good rate of speed and Kelsey in turning the corner did not see it in time to get out of the way."
  • "Buffon Jr., the fine Percheron stallion owned by Fred Gleed, died this morning of colic. Mr. Gleed had owned the horse for many years."


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