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40 years ago: Planting time for new downtown trees

October 25, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 25, 1972:

  • Workers in the 800 block of Massachusetts began this week to drill holes for downtown tree planting in the triangular planters formed by the new sawtooth-pattern curbs. Lindens were to be the predominant tree, with 112 of them shown on the plans. Runners-up were Washington hawthornes (50 shown on the plans) and sycamores (41), with crabapples (6), honey locusts (5), and golden rain trees (4) scattered throughout downtown. Some of the trees were to be planted this fall, with the remainder, and other plants including holly, to be installed next spring.
  • Should Lawrence city commissioners receive more than $100 a year for their services? That was the topic of debate yesterday evening at the first of five scheduled public hearings on possible changes in the commission's structure. "$100 a years is pretty poor," said Delbert Richardson, 2504 Haskell, "and it really affects the candidates you get." Ed Abels, 2208 Massachusetts, disagreed. "I wouldn't pay them anything," he said. "If they're not ready to give a little something, they're not as patriotic as they used to be." Also under discussion at the public hearing were such issues as the best size for the commission and whether to combine at-large and geographical representation.


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