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Tune In Tonight: Candidates meet for final debate

October 22, 2012


President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney meet in the third and final presidential debate (8 p.m., ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, CNBC). Longtime CBS anchor and correspondent Bob Schieffer moderates from Boca Raton, Fla.

The ongoing debate spectacle has not exactly brought out profound analysis in the news media. More moments were spent discussing Vice President Joe Biden’s smile than the substance of his and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s remarks and positions. If one has to choose a journalistic low point of the ongoing coverage, it’s hard to do worse than Fox News’ Sean Hannity leading a panel of experts in speculating that Biden was drunk during his debate performance. Moments like these are why I don’t often comment on Hannity and his ilk. Cataloging his thuggish and trashy behavior could become a full-time job.

• While the candidates debate, the results are now in on “Kids Pick the President,” an installment of “Nick News With Linda Ellerbee” (7 p.m., Nickelodeon).

‘‘Kids Pick” parallels the straw votes that take place in classrooms throughout the country. While these votes don’t count, of course, they can be telling. I remember when my high school straw vote came within 0.1 point of predicting the actual outcome in a presidential election. But that was a long time ago!

The “Kids Pick” winner has gone on to win in five out of the past six elections. In 2000, the “Kids Pick” was Al Gore, who went on to win the popular vote but was denied victory. There is no Electoral College in the “Kids Pick” contest.

Tonight’s other highlights

• If necessary, Game 7 of the National League Championship Series (6:30 p.m., Fox).

• The trial and the season come to a conclusion on “Switched at Birth” (7 p.m., ABC Family).

• Dani has visions of his daughter on the season finale of “Alphas” (7 p.m., Syfy).

• The Chicago Bears host the Detroit Lions in “Monday Night Football” (7:30 p.m., ESPN).

• During its final season victory lap, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” (8 p.m., Travel) continues to glance back at its greatest hits. Tonight’s clip show includes a Halloween spent in Transylvania, a Day of the Dead ceremony in a Haitian cemetery and a visit to Iraq.


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