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100 years ago: Former resident charged with ‘most horrible crime’

October 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 20, 1912:

  • "M. Styles, an old man, is in the Douglas County Jail charged with one of the most horrible crimes every committed in this county. He is accused of having committed a statutory offense against a child only ten years of age. The crime is said to have been committed on Saturday evening in East Lawrence. Styles is about 60 years of age. He was a former resident of this city and lived here for a number of years. He was regarded as a man of good character. For some time he has been away from Lawrence and only recently returned here. This morning his case was set for hearing before Justice Wilson on tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. His bond was fixed at $500 which he failed to procure and returned to the county jail."
  • "The election is near at hand and the women have been monopolizing the public and the newspapers with their arguments in favor of equal suffrage. That is all right from their standpoint, but the Journal-World believes in fair play. It believes that the public is entitled to the arguments against equal suffrage. Therefore this paper has secured a booklet which gives every argument against equal suffrage. This booklet is for free distribution. Come to the Journal-World office and get the arguments against equal suffrage in a neat, compact, book form. This is not an advertisement. It is simply inserted in the interests of fair play."
  • "All three candidates for President of the United States now have clubs of University boys working for them. Last night at the Sig Alph House the boys who favor President Taft met and organized for the campaign and will work for their candidate until election time. There are 35 members in this club.... Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt Clubs have already been organized on the Hill."
  • "T. L. Fitzpatrick, a prominent Jefferson county farmer, was gored to death yesterday afternoon by a mad bull that attacked him while in the pasture. Mr. Fitzpatrick was found dead in the pasture. He was transferring some cattle from one pasture to another when the bull attacked him. Mr. Fitzpatrick was about sixty years old and was a nephew of James Fitzpatrick of this city."


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