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100 years ago: KU alum addresses students on women’s suffrage

October 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 18, 1912:

  • "W. Y. Morgan of Hutchinson, an ex-regent of the University and a graduate from the college in the class of 1885, addressed the students of the University in chapel this morning on Women's Suffrage.... Mr. Morgan showed that wherever the plan was tried it met with great success and that the arguments that women lost their womanly characteristics, were placed where they did not belong and did not use the ballot after they obtained it were proved to be entirely false.... "We must be fair and square to them and give them what by right belongs to them. Kansas has always been noted as a state that was close to the band wagon in every procession of progress and if there were no processions going on, Kansas usually starts some of her own. Of all the women in the whole world, who are better qualified or more deserving to vote than our wives, sisters and daughters, the women of Kansas.'"
  • "The Journal-World has made arrangements to play the Kansas-Drake game in Lawrence tomorrow afternoon. The paper's Gridiron has been put into shape, rechalked and made to conform with the new rules and the game will be played here just as it takes place in Des Moines and all followers of the game are invited to come down to the office tomorrow afternoon and follow the ball across the field. The Gridiron will be seen in front of the office and the game will be as nearly reproduced as it is possible to do it.... Last year when the Journal-World first tried out its new gridiron the undertaking proved to be a decided success and was greatly appreciated by the football fans, who could not follow the team and see the real game. The plays are taken off a wire in the office and direct from the Drake Stadium so that no time is lost in getting the news to Lawrence fans. Again you are invited to come down to the office and watch the Journal-World play the game tomorrow."


AlexTJ 5 years, 6 months ago

I had no idea papers played mock games in real time for spectators. Makes sense and is really cool to hear about, thanks Sarah!

Sarah St. John 5 years, 6 months ago

Yes, I thought it was interesting too! Even though I've had a previous story on this (follow the embedded link for last year's game!), I still am very unclear on the concept. Last year's article sounded like it was done in some sort of mechanized fashion, whereas this year's sounds like it was played out by actual people. I guess it was one of those situations where they figured everyone reading it knew what they were talking about, so there was no need to explain more thoroughly. Little did they know I'd be sitting here 100 years later, trying to figure out what the heck. :-)

Tyson Travis 5 years, 6 months ago

Very interesting to see how the telegraph played a rôle in real-time sports updates. I understand the way it worked was that there was a mock football field displayed in the front window, and the game progress was displayed by moving a football up and down the field to show drives in progress. Don't know if they tried to display stats. or not. Today, if your team isn't on TV, you can get online either at home or on your smartphone and get real-time progress on outlets such as Yahoo! sports. I had to "watch" KUs only win this season this way, ever since, we've been losing on live TV. BTW, if it doesn't spoil Sarah's suspense, KU lost close, 6-0. We also lost to Washburn that year, but managed to beat both KSU and MU in a 4-4 season.

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