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School board association names own efficiency panel

October 10, 2012


Topeka — Call it dueling efficiency efforts.

In response to Gov. Sam Brownback’s school efficiency task force, which includes no school employees, the Kansas Association of School Boards announced Wednesday the formation of an efficiency committee made up entirely of school employees and board members.

“Kansas school leaders have already demonstrated a high degree of efficiency in district operations,” said KASB Executive Director John Heim. “At the same time, school leaders know we must continue to increase the college and career readiness skills of our high school graduates to meet the state’s economic needs,” Heim said.

The KASB Committee on School Efficiency will monitor the work of Brownback’s task force and develop recommendations to share with the group.

Sherriene Jones-Sontag, a spokeswoman for Brownback, said she looked forward to the KASB group coming up with ways to get more of school spending into the classroom.

Brownback held a news conference earlier in the week and displayed a large poster that said only 54 percent of school finance is used for instruction. Educators disagree and say Brownback’s figures don’t include student and teacher support services, such as guidance counselors, librarians, nurses, and other staff.

The KASB said that Kansas ranks sixth in the nation in a number of state and national indicators, such as high school graduation, college completion, and basic reading and math, yet ranks 27th in current spending per pupil.

Named to the KASB committee were:

• Glennys Doane, school board member, Waconda USD 272, and member of the KASB Board of Directors

• Margaret Nightengale, school board member, Ulysses USD 214, and member of the KASB Board of Directors

• Pam Robinson, school board member, Blue Valley USD 229, member of the KASB Board of Directors and past president of KASB

• Joe Skye, school board member, Baxter Springs USD 508

• Patrick Woods, school board member, Topeka Public Schools USD 501 and member of the KASB Board of Directors

• Randy Watson, superintendent, McPherson USD 418

• Jim Freeman, school board treasurer, Andover USD 385

• Lisa Peters, school board treasurer, Salina USD 305

• Dave Heinemann, public relations director, Schools for Quality Education, representing Kansas small and rural schools; former Kansas legislator from Garden City

• Diane Gjerstad, director of governmental relations, Wichita USD 259, former Kansas legislator from Wichita.


Paul R Getto 5 years, 8 months ago

Good move, KASB. Should be interesting. Hand deliver your report to Muscular Sam, otherwise he will most likely lose it.

verity 5 years, 8 months ago

Good job, KASB!

Maybe you could appoint Gov Brownback an honorary member just to make him feel included. Make him attend all the meetings---but no voting privileges.

Paul R Getto 5 years, 8 months ago

A different perspective, no doubt. The current Gov's group is made up of those who represent Wall Street and the other Robber Barons who rob the rest of daily.

deec 5 years, 8 months ago

Or putting a vulture capitalist in charge of the Federal budget.

kuguardgrl13 5 years, 8 months ago

Still no teachers. The closest we have is a superintendent, and most of them don't set foot in classrooms on daily basis. What about KNEA or AFT-Kansas?

5 years, 8 months ago

@LOL. Since any increased efficiencies those already in charge of the money find will be an indictment of the job they're already doing, you can bet the results will say that every penny is spent in the most efficient manner possible. I'm sure all of us would love to write our own job reviews and grade our own tests as well. All the children can be above average.

Now, the Catch-22 of it is that Kansas really does spend its money in a responsible manner when compared to other states. I mean, 6th in educational out put and 27th in dollar input shows that Kansas gets really good value for its dollars at the public school level. Kansas is also very, very good with dollars at the college level.

However, the disconnect between input and output also shows that there is no direct correlation between money spent and education received, though I'm sure we'll hear plenty of these same folks make the opposite argument once budget time rolls around, no?

This comment is brought to you by the numbers 6 and 27 and by the letter purloined.

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