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100 years ago: Little boys from Topeka more than just runaways

October 10, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 10, 1912:

  • "Because he liked Lawrence and because he had been treated so nicely when he was here before, Charley McCully, 9 years old, of Topeka directed his adventures in this direction yesterday. Charley was in Lawrence last week having run away from home with another Topeka companion. When they arrived in Lawrence they appeared in the police station and were taken care of. Mrs. S. T. Gillispie took the two little waifs in charge, washed their faces, gave them some clean clothing, a supper and a bed to sleep in. Charley didn't forget that and so when he had another occasion for leaving Topeka he told his companion how fine things were for runaway boys in Lawrence and he and Norman Noble, 8 years old, made their second appearance in Lawrence Monday evening and asked the police to help them out again. Supposing that they had simply run away again, Marshal Meyers turned the women's cell of the city jail over to them for the night and allowed them to sleep there. Yesterday evening it developed that the young rascals had stolen a horse and buggy and had driven to Lawrence. The police had a stray horse in charge but the boys had never been connected with this. The boys had made the theft in order to get away from Topeka because they were facing a term in the reformatory for stealing a bicycle. They took the horse to get away from the law and drove it down to Lawrence where they turned it loose.This morning Sheriff Norton of Shawnee county came down and took the young miscreants back home."
  • "Chas. Crowder who was hurt in the accident yesterday at Dutton bridge was removed to his home last night where he is resting very easily. Upon an examination it was found that three of his ribs were torn loose from the spine and one leg badly bruised. The other two, Ira Rothrock and Walter Baker, are still at the hospital. Rothrock was hurt quite severely about the head but passed an easy night. Baker was very restless and had little sleep; he was badly burned about the hands and arms and it will be several months before he will be able to use them, he was also hurt on the right leg and severely cut in several places. His injuries are worse than the others."


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