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Letter to the editor: Old homes

October 5, 2012


To the editor:

I want to thank those who are taking the time and money to restore many of the older homes around Lawrence.

I love old homes and these “flippers and re-creaters” are bringing the houses’ charm and personality back. These old homes have such personality and it excites me to see them being restored instead of being torn down. Happy that John Asher’s old residence at Seventh and Rhode Island is coming back to life. He would be thrilled. The house around 11th and Kentucky looks great. Julie has done an awesome job with the house next to me. (City Commissioner Aron) Cromwell did a beautiful job when he restored his home.

I drive around a lot and I see these old houses being restored instead of being demolished. The burnt house on Tennessee is being redone. Thank you to those who see the beauty of these older homes and are willing to invest in them.

My husband and I saved the house I live in now 25 years ago. The neighbors had gone to the city to have it condemned. It lay vacant for several years. I bought it for I saw its potential. We refurbished it so we can help those who have fallen on hard times to have a lovely place they can call “home.” Over 90 people have enjoyed our home that we have salvaged from being destroyed. Thanks again to those who are bringing back charm and beauty to Lawrence’s old homes. If no one else appreciates it, I do. Thank you!


kernal 5 years, 7 months ago

That goes for me, too, Debbie.

Ditto for the house on the NW corner of 12th and Kentucky. Not only did they restore the house, but also the yard. Too bad the owner of the house just to the North of it is a slum lord. As for the house on the NW corner of 12th and Vermont, that looked great in the beginning, but it became a rental. I watched the nice landscaping go to weeds, the house is peeling paint and the tenants trash it at every opportunity. What a shame. Way to go tenants and property management company!

George_Braziller 5 years, 7 months ago

I was thrilled to see the house at 7th and Rhode Island finally getting some loving attention. I've watched it slowly decay over the last 20 years and was afraid someone would eventually just bulldoze it. Best part was when it had its "witch's hat" re-built. That restored the visual balance for the entire house.

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