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100 years ago: YMCA hosts successful party with food, music, entertainment

October 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 5, 1912:

"A party of forty-seven European Scientists which is now touring the United States with the purpose of obtaining exact geographical knowledge of this country, may stop in Lawrence for a short while on their way East. The party which is probably the largest group of experts who have ever conducted such a trip will be in Kansas on Monday, October 7th."

"Frank Nixon, the Topeka steeple jack, is in Lawrence this week repairing the smoke stack on the University power plant. The stack was struck by lightning during the summer and has not been used since."

"While demonstrating their toaster at the county fair, the Lawrence Railway & Light company gave an order to a local store for a number of loaves of bread. Later when the bread was being served they were surprised to see that it was Topeka bread and bore the wrapper of the Topeka bakery. Why do you supposed Topeka bread is sold in Lawrence? Simply because it is advertised day in and day out in the Topeka papers and the influence of this advertising extends even to Lawrence, where it has created a demand for the bread. Why do these people not call for Lawrence made bread? Because it is so little advertised. They seldom see anything in the papers telling how it is made, how good it is and how the loaves are full weight. The Lawrence baker thinks the people will find him anyway and as a result the Topeka bakeries are making shipments of their bread to Lawrence."

"Nelson Stephens and Harry Allphin have at last secured a lease upon the building in the 900 block, and on November 1 will open a new nickel which they expect to call 'The Oread.' Stephens has been connected with the five-cent theatres for some years and knows the business and both he and Allphin are popular boys and good mixers."

"The big feed given at the Y.M.C.A. last night was very well attended and everyone had a fine time. There was plenty to eat and if anyone didn't get enough it was his own fault. Brown's orchestra furnished the music and Victor Larson sang a very beautiful solo.... After the supper which was served by Mrs. Binford's Sunday School class there was an exhibition Volley Ball Game."


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