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100 years ago: ‘Public welfare society’ to be organized in Lawrence

October 4, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 4, 1912:

  • "The annual reunion of the charter members of the Lawrence Aero Club will be here on Friday and Saturday of this week. There are six men in this select organization and all of that number will be here for the annual gathering. The date has been fixed to accommodate Lincoln Beachy who will be in Lawrence on these two days and who will give exhibitions at Woodland Park.... The club will travel out in autos and will be entertained by an aviator who really aviated. The members of the club are not quite as enthusiastic over the air sport as they were on a certain June morning when an ambitious young man was stranded in a cornfield north of Lawrence. That experience somewhat dampened the ardor of the club members for flying, but they have agreed to spend the afternoon with Beachy and may be convinced that there are men who really do fly, as yet some of the men are rather doubtful."
  • "If the plans that are not under way materialize, Lawrence will have a public welfare society, as have all the large cities and towns in the United States. This society has done a great deal throughout the country for the betterment of the social and moral conditions of the community. One would hardly think that such an organization would be necessary in a city like Lawrence, and on the whole it is not, but this organization not only helps the moral and social conditions but brings everything in the community up to a higher standard. It is the plan of the society to try and have the city fathers put the curfew ordinance back into effect which has not been enforced for about six years. They also look after the welfare of the young generation and try to have entertainments and amusements for them that will tend to develop a higher standard."


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