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100 years ago: Suffragette attracts crowd with speech at corner of Ninth and Mass

October 3, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 3, 1912:

"The demonstration booth of the Lawrence Railway & Light Company at the Fair was one of the most appreciated feature of the Fair. It was the first time a demonstration of this character has been conducted there and the eagerness with which the visitors partook of the toast, sandwiches, coffee and candies was surprising. Those crowding the company's display were not such as would be attracted by a free lunch, but included all classes, including those of wealth."

"Standing in an auto at the corner of Massachusetts and Warren [Ninth] streets, Mrs. Clara B. Colby of Portland, Oregon, Saturday evening pleaded the cause of equal suffrage with the throng that passed back and forth. It was the first street meeting that has been held in Lawrence by the women and the presence of the woman speaking from the motor car soon attracted a large crowd about the auto. Mrs. Colby has been traveling over Kansas in the auto party which has been making a street campaign for votes. She has spent a number of weeks in Kansas.... For over an hour on Saturday night she talked to the people who passed and stopped and listened to what she had to say. It was an unusual sight to see the women holding an open meeting on the street.... Mrs. Colby presented her cause clearly and forcibly and held throughout the attention of her hearers. She said that to deny the suffrage to women is to deny the principles of democracy."

"WIDOW WANTS HUSBAND -- Believes Some Good Man Can Change Discouragement to Happiness -- Perhaps One Reason for Her Downhearted Condition is, She Lives in Columbia, Mo. -- According to a letter received by the Journal-World this morning there is now living in Columbia, Mo, a refined and educated woman who has hopes to find happiness through wedding a man from Lawrence. In the days gone by she may have seen the football warriors from Lawrence as they ate up the Missourians and in that manner has taken a Kansan as her ideal of manhood.... That the lady has good intelligence is shown by her sending the advertisement to Lawrence, the home of gallant and worthy men, and to the Journal-World, which is fast becoming a medium for uniting those to whom the call of Hymen's altar is inviting but too faint to be heard."

"If the sale of athletic tickets can be taken as any indication of the crowds which will attend the athletic contests here this fall all previous records will be broken. Although the price of the student enterprise ticket is $5.00 instead of $3.00 as heretofore, 519 tickets were sold at noon today.... 'The Missouri game is apparently the attraction,' said E. E. Brown, who has charge of the sale of tickets, 'as the demand is greater than ever before in the history of the University.'"


RoeDapple 5 years, 7 months ago

"For over an hour on Saturday night she talked to the people who passed and stopped and listened to what she had to say."

She woulda talked longer but had to stop and make her man a sammich.

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