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Journal-World seeks your scary stories

October 2, 2012


Young novelists, we want you — to write us a scary story.

The annual scary story contest is back, and it’s open to students in three categories: elementary school, middle school and high school.

In 500 words or less, finish this story: “I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon when I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me.”

Send your story with your name, age, grade and school to The deadline for submissions is noon Oct. 19, and entries must be submitted via email with the subject line “Scary Story Contest.”

Winning stories will be printed in the Oct. 28 edition of the Journal-World.

For more information, contact Katie Bean at 832-6361 or


prospector 5 years ago

The Doggy Wars of '06 will make you standup and bark!

hujiko 5 years ago

“I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon when I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me.”

They belonged to Sam Brownback.

That should scare the bejeebus out of anyone.

hujiko 5 years ago

I wasn't implying anything about his appearance. Just his existence.

Armstrong 5 years ago

I had a dream ( nightmare actually ) almost an entire town of crazed liberals. A blue dot in a ocean of red. Chilling

beatrice 5 years ago

Hey, there is always Oklahoma for ya.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

The doggie wars and the SHOEMAKER incident. Too bad they've mostly been disappeareded.

beatrice 5 years ago

Pure fiction doesn't really scare me.

Jeff Barclay 5 years ago

I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon when I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me. I turned to my side and the mouth below the eyes asked, "Wanna hear a scary story?" "Uh, I dunno know?" A scary story from a stranger sounded kind of, well, scary, but the eyes above the mouth were friendly enough. I was already sucked into this unknown scary story from an unknown stranger. "I have to tell you that a lot of the men and women who first told this story were killed because of it," the stranger said. "So, uh, what about the ones who listen to the story? What happens to them?" "That depends." "There was a man who claimed to be God. He did scary things like talk to the devil and turn water into wine. He talked about eating flesh and drinking blood. That really scared people. So they ripped his flesh with whips and nailed him to crossed pieces of wood. What was really scary was that the sky became really dark when he died." "It gets scarier," the stranger said. "I want to hear the end." "Well it really hasn't ended yet, but I will tell you the rest of the story," replied the stranger. "The man came out of his grave. He had a gaping wound in his side. There were holes in his hands and his feet. He would just appear places, smiling, and telling new scary stories about fire and death. Two creatures came down from the sky and took the guy away in a cloud." "Sounds to me like you are just making things up as you go," I said. "Well, let me finish and you decide." The stranger looked serious. "When that man was tortured and killed his friends kind of went underground. They denied they had ever hung out with the guy. But when he walked out of his tomb his friends went public. Suddenly the story of that man's life was being repeated. The story was still scary to some people so they began capturing his friends soaking them in tar and burning them as lamps." The stranger's voice was trailing off. "Seriously?" I asked. "Why would those people keep repeating those scary stories?" "Well, people die for what they believe to be true all the time." "I know. But who dies for a story they know is made-up?" "That may be the scariest part of the story. No one does that. They gained nothing and lost everything because of their story about a dead man walking and talking. Sometimes their scary story gets a bit twisted, but the original version of it has never changed. Remember that guy claimed to be God. They say he should be worshipped!" "God? A walking zombie?" Unable to get a read on my emotions, "You said the story really isn't over?" The stranger lifted his eyebrows, "The end may be the scariest part of the story. That guy said he was going to come back wearing a robe dipped in blood with a sword coming out of his mouth." I looked up. The stranger was gone. It's kind of scary, but I ever since that dark afternoon, the days have been brighter and I have kept looking up. My eyes are open.

aeroscout17 5 years ago

" But who dies for a story they know is made-up?" "That may be the scariest part of the story. No one does that."

Exactly. Think about it.

LogicMan 5 years ago

Once upon a time there was a strong and vibrant newspaper industry in the world.

Then on a dark and stormy night, Al Gore invented the Internet.

None of the newspapers lived happily ever after.

The End.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 5 years ago

“I was walking home from school on an unusually dark afternoon when I felt a pair of eyes staring right at me.” It was a Super Pact, borne of industry, crime and lies. It fell upon me like a wolf upon a fox. I was scared, scarred but not broken. It told me lies and tried to frighten me, but it had no teeth. It was an amalgam of old men seeking fame and fortune and so I was able to beat it into the brush of life. I continued on my darting way, laughing at its baseless and toothless lies. Unfortunately, its lies based in lust and hatred gathered all of the foolish it had created and spelled evil in its rhyme and ill reason. Its believers were then scarred and tossed aside but left without the teeth of lying. They could only build a hate of passionate desperation designed to further bury themselves in their masters' thieving ways. And so we were all forced into a battle that could never end until the truth was known...and the truth was never mice and cockroaches again ruled the world...and began to the same struggle...the same end...the same beginning...until the fools got a clue...which always felt as if it was never to be done...until we were done.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

Then, a grey goose flew over and pooped on your shoulder. It happens along the trade routes.

mae 5 years ago

As a kid trick or treating in the neighborhood, this guy scared the living crap out of us. He had his shopvac behind a bush next to the porch and his wife turned it on from an inside switch while he jumped out in a scary clown outfit.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 5 years ago

President Romney and Vice President Rush Limbaugh in 2016.

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