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Chamber of Commerce backs single terminal at KC airport

November 30, 2012


— The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is backing a controversial proposal to consolidate the city's airport into one terminal.

The chamber voted Thursday to support a $1.2 billion proposal for Kansas City International Airport, joining other city officials who support replacing the three current terminals with a single terminal.

Critics say the current configuration makes KCI one of the most convenient airports for travelers in the country, offering easy access to terminals and parking.

But supporters say a single terminal would improve efficiency, passenger safety and convenience. And they say one terminal would allow the airport to grow in the future.

The Kansas City Star reports ( ) if the proposal proceeds, construction could start in late 2014 and be finished by late 2016.


kuguardgrl13 5 years, 5 months ago

Noooo!!!!!! I love being able to be dropped off (or drop somebody off) right in front of the terminal, walk in, drop off my checked bags for Southwest, breeze through a small security checkpoint, and walk right over to my gate. It makes a big difference in the trip that adds a 45 minute drive from Lawrence. I don't mind larger, more crowded airports when I live a lot closer. Pittsburgh (PGH) has a radial terminal with 4 concourses and a fifth access via tram. Other airports (Atlanta comes to mind) involve long moving walkways and tram rides that can add several precious minutes to an already long day. And forget trying to make you're flight if you're running late!

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