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100 years ago: Burglars enter homes on Louisiana, Ohio streets

November 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 30, 1912:

  • "Burglars last night broke in a window at the home of D. M. Wilson, 808 Louisiana street and made their escape with a gold watch valued at $40, a fob valued at $5 and a fountain pen worth another five. Footprints discovered under the window indicate that the work was done by a pair for there are two sizes of shoe marks on the ground directly beneath the window. One is that of a large shoe and the other a much smaller one. And this is all the clue that the officers have found.... The theft of an overcoat was reported to the police this morning by Dr. E. R. Keith. It is said that the coat was stolen from the Keith home at 728 Ohio street, and it is said that the thief gained entrance to the house through a window. The police suspect that the two burglaries were committed by the same persons."
  • "Revision of the Kansas criminal laws and court procedure is one of the purposes of the Kansas State Society of Criminal Law and Criminology, Kansas Conference of Charities and Corrections and the Association of Probate Judges, which will be held at the University of Kansas December 5, 6 and 7. Experts from all over the state will consider changes in the present codes and will present their findings in bills for consideration by the legislature. Bills have already been drawn up by the Criminal Law Society providing for the change in the time allowed for appeal to the Supreme Court from two years to one year, for the sterilization of criminals, and for the destruction of unhealthy houses, and these, with similar measures, will be discussed."
  • "There is a letter at the city jail for Miss Hattie Mansfield. Now Miss Hattie is not stopping at the city jail and there is no record of her every having been there. So if this meets your eye, Hattie, please call at the jail and get this letter. It is postmarked Fort Barrancas, Florida."


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