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100 years ago: Young man suffers injuries from hunting accident

November 29, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 29, 1912:

  • "Postmaster C. S. Finch is busy just at present figuring out the conditions, rates of postage and other features of the parcels post which is to go into effect the first of the year. The new post law will have many good features. The supporters of the system claim that it will have a big effect in reducing the high cost of living by permitting the producer and consumer to get together at a comparatively small cost. So next Thanksgiving you can have a farmer friend mail you a nice fat turkey and can get the bird at a much lower rate than dealing through the middleman. The farmer may live fifty miles away and the turkey can weigh as much as eleven pounds and Uncle Sam will lay the bird down at your door for thirty-five cents."
  • "Lou Ramsey, the 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ramsey, was the first victim of the hunting season in Douglas county. Ramsey received the full charge of a shotgun shell in his back yesterday morning while hunting on the A. H. Griess farm, west of Lawrence. The shot was accidentally fired from the gun of Earl Griess, a fellow hunter. Ramsey is now in the Simmons hospital, suffering from a badly blistered and punctured back and shoulder, but it is not believed that the injuries will prove fatal unless complications set in. The physicians have removed over 100 shot from the boy's back. Dr. Simmons stated that had it not been for the heavy clothing worn by the boy the accident might have been much more serious."
  • "Every year about this time Lawrence is visited with a number of grafters who prey upon philanthropic people. It is time that the people of Lawrence awaken to the importance of protecting themselves against these solicitors. There are a number of legitimate organizations which solicit among the good people of Lawrence.... From this time forward there should be determined opposition to the fake solicitors that come to this city. In order to carry on its part the Journal-World will be glad to have all solicitors reported to it and it will undertake to assist in this way in weeding out most of those that come to this town to prey upon our people. This is a charitable town and it ought to be protected against irresponsible people who make a living by preying upon the kindly disposed."
  • "'Rastus,' the Irish dog belonging to Fred A. Clarke, died last night. It is presumed that he died from the effects of an injury received on a street car a month ago. 'Rastus' was a very intelligent dog. He was carefully trained and was a good hunting dog. He never failed to retrieve and he was one of the noted dogs in town."


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