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Another fire reported at apartment complex in south central Lawrence

November 23, 2012


Fire crews responded to a fire Thursday night around 11:50 p.m. at a building of the Park 25 apartments, 2401 W. 25th St., in Lawrence.

The fire was inside the interior of the building and was quickly extinguished.

Fire crews responded to a fire Thursday night around 11:50 p.m. at a building of the Park 25 apartments, 2401 W. 25th St., in Lawrence. The fire was inside the interior of the building and was quickly extinguished.

Fire crews responded to another fire at an apartment complex in south central Lawrence Thursday night, which has been the area of a string of suspected arson cases.

Crews responded about 11:50 p.m. to a fire at the Park 25 apartment complex at 2401 W. 25th St., according to Mike Frizzell of Operation 100 News, the Journal-World's news partner.

Flames were visible on a carpeted section in a common area at the complex.

The fire was quickly extinguished, and crews set up a perimeter of the area and remained on scene for several hours.

No injuries were reported.

Since Oct., 19 there have been at least other 12 fires in an area near 23rd Street south to 25th Street and from Iowa east to Naismith Drive.

Many of those fires have occurred in laundry rooms or hallways in apartment complexes. The fires have also been set inside of apartment complexes where exterior doors to the buildings are not locked.

Thursday's fire, however, occurred west of Iowa Street, while the other fires have occurred east of Iowa Street.

The two other most recent suspected arson cases in the area occurred Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lawrence Police Department at 830-7430, or the TIPS hotline at 843-8477.

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Map of recent suspected arsons

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Public safety officials say there have been a series of intentionally set fires at apartment complexes in this area of Lawrence since Oct. 19.


bearded_gnome 5 years ago

this is seriously bad. I hope somebody happens to catch this dude before there's harm or death. this is very troubling.

50YearResident 5 years ago

Where is the kid that burned down the apartments on 6th street with a fatality, some years back? This sounds like some of his work.

lulusghost 5 years ago

I live in one of those complexes. I might have a tip for law enforcement re: this person, but they're not answering their phones.

lulusghost 5 years ago

Yes, if they're so anxious to get info you'd think they'd have someone to answer the phone, even on a Saturday.. Or is that not a concept that you can get your little brain around?

50YearResident 5 years ago

Someone post the tips hotline for lulusghost. Make the numbers big enough to be read.

lulusghost 5 years ago

Wow you people are rude! I called the two numbers above. No answer at the first, and left a message at the second. Did you not catch a clue that I had called when I said, "They're not answering their phones?"

50YearResident 5 years ago

Sorry, I didn't know what numbers you called. Thought it might be City Hall, Those other numbers should be answered 24/7.

rousseau108 5 years ago

The first number is only for the detective division, which is not open on weekends. The messages on the TIPS hotline are, I believe, only checked during normal business hours during the week. You can also call Dispatch at 832-7509.

Joe Hyde 5 years ago

Lulu, forget the Tips Hotline. Go with a 9-1-1 call straight to dispatch, ask to see a patrol officer or detective. If you think you've got info that'll take this perp out of action, don't wait, don't just sit there hanging onto it. Your information might save the lives of an entire apartment building full of people.

lulusghost 5 years ago

Thanks Joe. I did finally talk to someone from the Lawrence PD early this afternoon and gave him my tip. Hopefully they'll catch the person who is doing this very soon.

nbj688 5 years ago

Based upon my experience in watching television I would say that he lives at that same complex where most of them have taken place or perhaps across the street in the other complex. He also doesn't have a car, and most likely works. Probably a 9 ish to 5 job. I hope he gets caught my gf's roommate moved out to KC today because she was scared they were next!

nbj688 5 years ago

So by that string of logic assuming he does work, he most likely takes the bus to and from work between 8 and 6 ish. Cedarwood apartments or the Hillview apartments..

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