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100 years ago: Lawrence hosts record crowd for Kansas-Missouri game

November 23, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 23, 1912:

  • “Kansas won from Missouri this afternoon 12 to 3 in a fierce game, but one in which the Jayhawkers exhibited better class than their opponents, and after the first quarter had the game in their favor the greater part of the time.”
  • “The merchants of Lawrence worked until late last night dressing their windows and placing the streets in their display garments ready for the football crowd. All of the shop windows were arrayed with the Kansas and Missouri colors and there was no discrimination in the use of the colors of the two Universities. A gang of men worked all day yesterday wrapping the trolley poles with bunting. The colors of Missouri and Kansas were alternated on the poles on both sides of the street. The guy wires of the street car trolley were also decorated with M. and K. pennants.”
  • “The crowd came. Lawrence and the University of Kansas is entertaining the largest crowed ever in this city. The early morning trains began to bring in the visitors from Kansas and Missouri. Every train deposited a delegation, beginning early yesterday evening, and the town was well filled already last night. Beds were at a premium and every rooming house and hotel in the city was filled last night. It was estimated that there would be close to 200 strange motor cars in town today for the game…. Early this morning the crowds began to gather down town and everywhere the spirit of the day prevailed. Missouri and Kansas rooters mingled with each other, talked of the game, each side insisting that its team was the better and occasionally arguments were backed with currency…. The crowd began to gather at the field at 12 o’clock at which time the gates were opened. The seating of the people was taken care of by a small army of ushers who had been secured for the occasion. It was no small task to seat 13,000 people and all of the visitors had not found their seats until the hour for the game to start.”
  • “’Oh Me! Oh My! Won’t we black that Tiger’s eye!' 'Who rah? Who rah? Missou, rah! Rah!’ – With the Tigers on the north side of McCook and the Jayhawkers on the south flinging back their favorite yells to one another, the rooting was probably the best ever heard on McCook Field…. Each rooting section was fully equipped with megaphones, pennants and bunting. The Kansas rooting section had an immense ‘K’ of red and blue bunting in the center of their section.”


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