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Lawrence man gets probation in explosives case

November 20, 2012


A 20-year-old Lawrence man was sentenced Tuesday to two years' probation for attempted criminal use of explosives stemming from a July incident in Lawrence.

Dakota Jackson Kunkle was arrested on July 7 after officers were sent to an apartment in the 700 block of West 25th Street. Police said officers later determined residents there had been making homemade explosives involving fireworks ignition powder.

Kunkle had originally been charged with two counts of criminal use of an explosive.

Another man, Adam B. Dale, 20, of Lawrence, had also been arrested and charged in the case, but those charges were dropped.


cheeseburger 1 year, 5 months ago

Chalk another one up for the left-leaning judiciary we have in this county. Children generally learn at a young age that misbehavior results in consequences, but in Douglas County, they have to re-learn at a later age that missteps generally result in nothing harsher than probation.

To heck with recruiting retirees to the area - let's just recruit criminals, since this is a great area in which to refine their craft without fear of severe consequences.


ascgrown 1 year, 5 months ago

Talk about bunk charges. What a dud.


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