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November 19, 2012


Nicole Lordemann, of Baldwin City, a student at Kansas State University Salina, received a scholarship from the National Business Aviation Association, or NBAA, at the association’s annual meeting and convention, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, in Orlando, Fla. Lordemann, a senior in airport management, received the $5,000 Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation Management Scholarship.

Lawrence schools swept to first-place finishes in all four sections of the West Middle School Chess Tournament on Nov. 9. Free State High School (K-12), West Middle School (K-8), Prairie Park (K-5) and Raintree (K-3) won first-place trophies, while second-place trophies went to Lawrence High School (K-12), South West Middle School (K-8), Sunset Hill (K-5) and Cordley (K-3). Cordley also claimed a third-place trophy in K-5.

Free State’s Venkata Malladi was the K-12 individual champion. Other Lawrence-area medal winners in K-12 were Joseph Miller, FSHS; Kiana Hajiarbabi, Southwest; Eddie Wilson, LHS; Kaustubh Nimkar, 11th; Robert Newman, LHS, 13th; and Sam Beaulieu, FSHS, 19th.

In K-8: Jeffrey Wilson, SWMS, 2nd; Camaron Edgecomb, West MS, 3rd; Diane Camarda, West, 4th; Ethan Goldstein, West, 5th; Lincoln Edgecomb, West, 7th; Shrivatsa Malladi, SWMS, 9th; Dylan Snyder, SWMS, 10th; Liam Hoey-Kummerow, Central MS, 14th; Matthew De Guzman, SWMS, 16th; Edward Reyes, SWMS, 18th; Emily Gordon-Ross, South MS, 19th; Lily Kenn, West, 21st; Cameron Edens, West, 22nd; and Dmitri Smith, West, 23rd.

In K-5: Isaac Lee, Sunset Hill, 7th; Wheeler Battaglia-Davis, Cordley, 11th; Colin Greenfield, Prairie Park, 12th; Ethan Rogers, Prairie Park, 13th; Rajin Nagpal, Sunflower, 14th; Rita Joseph, Sunset Hill, 15th; Ben Hoopes, Cordley, 16th; Caleb Prescott, Langston Hughes, 17th; Paul Falbo, Sunset Hill, 18th; Logan Camrda, Sunset Hill, 20th; Giovanni Ventello, Cordley, 23rd; Marcus Wakefield, Sunset Hill, 24th; John Hauptli, Cordley, 26th; Samuel Gordon-Ross, Prairie Park, 27th; Jocelyn Wilson, Sunflower, 29th; Brandon Bogard, Sunset Hill, 31st; River Foster, Prairie Park, 32nd; Zoe Diaz Moore, 33rd; Megan Ozaki, Sunset Hill, 36th; Mikah Beaty, Cordley, 37th; Ryan Helm, Sunset Hill, 38th; Alexander Berns, Sunset Hill, 39th; Jayden Wilson, Sunflower, 40th; Ian Snyder, Sunflower, 41st; Marea Atchison, Sunset Hill, 42nd; Vivian Mechem, Sunset Hill, 43rd; Guthrie Bricker, Cordley, 44th; Patrik Nolan, Sunset Hill, 45th; and Jocelyn Hartley, Sunset Hill, 46th.

In K-3: Annelise Hoopes, Cordley, 3rd; Bryce Erickson, Raintree, 4th; Keaton Xu, Sunflower, 5th; Oliver Rubenstein, Raintree, 7th; Ben Shryock, Cordley, 8th; Hannah De Guzman, Sunflower, 11th; Oliver Diaz Moore, Cordley, 15th; Bill Qian, Quail Run, 16th; Dhruv Duvvur, Raintree, 17th; Sam Hertzog, Raintree, 21st; Nathaniel Slemmer, Raintree, 24th; Ryan Orth, Sunflower, 26th; Luke Rogers, Prairie Park, 27th; Joe O’Keefe, Cordley, 33rd; Nathaniel Ankenbauer, Sunset Hill, 34th; Kalea Daboda, Prairie Park, 35th; Miles Collins, Sunset Hill, 39th; Jake Collins, Sunset Hill, 41st; Susan Mechem, Sunset Hill, 43rd; Brenna Snyder, Sunflower, 44th; Bailey Lombardo, Prairie Park, 46th; Nathan Craven, Sunset Hill, 47th; and Ava Lee, Sunset Hill, 49th.


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